Well, as i already said and showed off...

I absolutely love the "Hasselblad XPan" panorama perspective - and never thought i would have this much fun with the Fujifilm GFX 50s II camera combined with mainly wide angle lenses. Plus there is a lot of quality attached from the sensor - even if it is masked down to around 25 MP panoramas. They are filled with plenty of details ! Really lovely in so many ways.

Yesterday Sal and I went out for a long walk across the Island of Långholmen, which resides in the center of Stockholm. The large Västerbro bridge crosses that island - and I made quite a lot of photos in the panoramic XPan style, together with the Fujinon GF 30mm f 3.5 lens, equivalent a 24 mm wide angle on a fullframe camera.

I had no trouble with the AF, what so ever.


Used to be a cruising & sunbath area

One end of the Långholmen island used to be a gay cruising area in the 80 and 90s - as it was and is a wonderful spot for sunbath - together with a magnificent outlook over the city and the Mälaren lake. Since I haven't been there for 25 years, i felt almost lost - and couldn't remember in which direction that hill was. My gut feeling told me right, but we went into the opposite direction. Therefore, i walked along the entire island in the end.

Then the memories came back *LOL*


Almost like neon green leafs

The weather was absolutely lovey - but chilly with 11-12°C and a bit windy. Albeit when the sun was out, it did feel much warmer, still. And the super fresh green, only a couple days old, was shining almost in light green neon (in certain trees) - which was fascinating to see with your own eyes.

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