Today it has been very cold compared to what you normally would expect in average (Max) of 16.3°C - the temperatures plunged during early afternoon down to a mere +3°C. With snowfall north of the city in places inside of the Northern Coast (of Uppland), and in places like Gävle and inland. Here the graphic representation of temperatures in Sweden today around 16.30

An intriguing image, given how strong the difference is between Southern Sweden and Middle Sweden. In the South up to almost 20°C, while in the Stockholm region it went down to 3°C at the same time.

It is not so common to have such large temperature differences within a relative small area in our country.



Unusual tired

I am still reeling from the infection day after we arrived from Sicily on 18 April, leading to a Pneumonia - which i treated with antibiotics and it relatively quickly ebbed out. Instead however, I noticed that my nose produced huge amounts of dense stuff coming out, especially when I woke up it would released yellow colored blobs and stuff - realizing, that I am still battling with some sort of infection.

While it does get better, and my nose isn't running as badly like it has done during the past weeks - I still feel tried relatively quickly. Nevertheless, I am sleeping better which allows me to feel more rested once I go up. Only with the difference, that the tired feeling comes a bit more quickly than normal. For example at work, where I several times have taken an emergency nap when i could during breaks. I almost never get tired at work when I was in my night shift rhythm. But last night, i just felt really, really tired.

Oh well. Those are the journeys we sometimes have to go through. It's not truly worth to write home about. Apparently my body felt that had to do some major cleanup from within, shedding off all the cells it didn't need anymore.


Friendly weather outlook

In terms of weather, it is predicted that the springtime weather will continue on more or less normal levels, e.g. mild to warm weather between 15-20°C. A development that should start on Sunday the 11-12 May and onwards.

With plenty of sunshine !

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