Springtime now takes back large steps. Albeit it was overcast dull and rainy yesterday - i noticed that the temperatures rose after midnight, and reached a peak of 9°C around sunrise. During the day it has then climbed to 13-14°C here in Stockholm. But what was fascinating where the very strong light levels, and the exceptionally deep blue sky. It literally woke up every cell in my body ! And speaking of my body - it is really getting well now.


New born again

I felt almost like a new born when I woke up. Which is nice - after a strange period of 3 weeks with pneumonia and then a cold or something, that affected my head and nose with huge amounts of stuff getting expelled - plus all coughing.

So spring time is turning big times, as does my body, too.

It feels really good now. Just a pity that Sicily, the whole wonderful journey now feels like far, far away - without I really could enjoy the aftermath of it - the pleasant waves you get after a good journey, days later at home. Oh well, I got the photos to look at *grin*


More XPan panoramas

Speaking of photos - here are more panoramas form the past days, dull weather, night impressions. All made with the Fujifilm GFX 50s II camera (hand held), and the Fujinon GF 30mm f 3.5 lens, equivalent to a 24mm full frame wide angle lens.

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