My homepage with it's name "", is originally an address that was (i believe) owned by Hasselblad in the 2000s. The Swedish Company that distributed that unique panorama rangefinder camera, called Hasselblad XPan - based on the manufatorer Fujifilm, which sold it under the name XT-1 and XT-2 within Japan. Hasselblad sold it under its own name in the rest of the world. The company still has the domain; when you type it into your browser - you get refered to

Today the Hasselblad XPan camera has become an highly overpriced legend on the secondhand market.


XPan in 2024

The irony is, that my homepage with its XPan name, didn't really contain much Hasselblad XPan Panorama images over the past years. My homepage was created 10 August 2000, but in the beginning under the name - until I later bought the domain 20 years ago.

It isn't until now, i am really into the XPan Panorama perspective - albeit via the Fujifilm GFX medium format camera, which together with a wide angle, makes it rather easy to acquire that wonderful panoramic photo style, very much like a Hasselblad XPan, but digitally on steroids. I mean given that the Fujifilm GFX now exhibits more lens selections, but also in body stabilization - making the XPan style much more flexible compared to the original, analog camera from 1999.

i really, truly enjoy to take photos in the XPan panorama style. It is like a new world - I always wanted to explore - finally get to explore. OF course, my images are of simple origin; the world around me here in Stockholm and its suburbs. Nothing fancy - but i personally love it !

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