Lately, i only make images with the Fujifilm GFX camera, with the Fujinon GF 30mm f 3.5 lens [equiv. to a wide angle of 24 mm] literally glued on... and of course, in combination with the XPan panorama perspective frame. I simply love that combo - really, really, really. That lens is simply perfect for panoramic views.


Not as fond of the GF 23mm lens

I even like it better than the GF 23mm f 4 lens (equiv. to 18 mm super wide angle). The latter is more bulky, heavier - and i also find that my lens shows strong flares as soon the sun is in the frame. This surprised me, to say the least. Note however, that i bought it second hand. I do not know if the GF 23mm is known for flares - or if it is my example that is wicked ?


Why do I write about this ?

I guess it is a little bit like 1) being in a little bubble, an 2) sort of fan babbling. However to be really honest, when you have a camera and a lens, you really, really aligned with, love to use as a tool - then it does make the whole creation of photography even more fun.

For me, this goes in waves. By that i mean, sometimes i like a different combination of camera + lens - and next year it shifts again. For many years i was so in love with the Olympus OMD system - which i think is amazing in many ways, together with Olympus PRO lenses - absolutely fantastic. Especially the ƒ 1.2 lens, make a difference, looking less than typical "Micro Four Thirds" images. The m.Zuiko ED 300/4 IS PRO (equivalent to 600 mm super tele) is another amazing one, as is the ED 40-150 mm f 2.8 pro (equivalent to 300 mm tele). The ED m.Zuiko 90mm f 3.5 IS Macro is another amazing lens when used with focus stacking for macro photography.


Olympus love

My interest for the Olympus system, was pretty intense, stretching over several years non-stop. It propelled due to my many travels to Sicily, around 31x during 5 years (Oct 2014 - mars 2020), which made the Olympus system really highly portable and much lighter compared to other camera and lens systems. We all know that the space on airplanes is limited and restricted, in terms of size and weight.

Then came the Plandemic - and i stopped traveling for exactly 4 years. It was more like a protest for myself, to jump of the train into insanity. Vax-pass my ass, that kind of mindset. This also phased out my interest of the Olympus system over time. That doesn't mean I abandoned it - I have not - but i don't focus on it as much right now.

Now I am maintaining 3 camera system:

• Olympus OMD (Micro Four Thirds)
• Canon EOS R6 (fullframe)
• Fujifilm GFX (Medium format)

Each system with fantastic strengths, which do not really overlap each other - or at least, not much.


Medium format Love

As of now, it is all Fujifilm GFX - like a very late "springtime" explosion - because I bought it back in September 2023, but never really used it so much (other than with the rotating Vertex method with adapted Pentax 67 lenses, creating images equivalent to a 7x7 cm sensor).

Now I am using the Fujifilm GFX like what it was designed for - straight on, so to speak. With the (33x44 mm) sensor it has.

Now let's look at some more XPan Panorama photos i have made lately:

72 / 2024