I am fascinated by the XPan Panorama format, because it gives such a different dynamic compared to the normal image formats. There is something about the perspective, giving highlight to things, that with other formats don't fully come to the fore. Perhaps it depends on the photography, who to fill an image. Is there a dynamic ? Or empty spaces that don't add anything to the content of the overall image ?

I am no pro - especially not now in my older days - but I have my passion. And I let it flow. I don't claim to make amazing images - but i simply love to make them. The XPan Panorama format gives me a lot of pleasure, and i learn to see things from the different vantage point. Giving me something, I sometimes missed in my other photos i have done through the latter years.

Also; because the Fujifilm GFX is a medium format camera - I am more careful with what I do (camera settings, focus and holding the camera). I am surprised of how well the camera works in moderate low light. If you are careful, you will get correct AF focus. Also the sensor is really good. Last night i took images at ISO 6400. Sure it is noisy - but well handled despite the high ISO.

If something is too noisy, I use Adobe's AI noise reduction . which I consider to be among the very best technologies to cope with excessive noise in images. It is a fantastic tool.

Here are more XPan Panoramic images I've taken lately:

73 / 2024