Florian Schiller - Methylene Blue I
(in German language)

Methylenblau ist vermehrt im Gespräch - im Rahmen von Post-Vac, aber auch bei diversen anderen Gesundheitsproblemen. Was steckt dahinter, ist der Hype gerechtfertigt? Wir sehen uns an, wie Methlenblau funktioniert, was es kann und in welchen Situationen und Kombinationen man es am zielführendsten einsetzen könnte. Und natürlich auch, wann Vorsicht geboten ist und welche Sicherheitsaspekte beachtet werden müssen. Alle Details im Video, alle Folien mit Studienverweisen zum Download auf meinem Blog (www.florianschillingscience.org). 

0:00 • Einleitung
2:39 • Historie
6:00 • Mitochondrien
19:46 • Redox
29:08 • Entzündung / Inflammation
32:52 • Neuroinflammation / Neuro Inflammation
47:11 • Zusammenfassung & Einnahme
57:33 • Synergismen

Methylene blue is increasingly being talked about - in the context of post-vac, but also for various other health problems. What's behind it, is the hype justified? We take a look at how methylene blue works, what it can do and in which situations and combinations it can be used most effectively. And, of course, when caution is advised and which safety aspects need to be taken into account. All details in the video, all slides with study references for download on my blog (www.florianschillingscience.org).


Florian Schiller - Methylene Blue II
(in German language)

Aufbauend auf dem ersten Teil (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9mqhezy7xc) sowie euren Fragen und Anregunen dazu, werden in diesem Video mehrere Aspekte nochmals vertieft und erweitert - u.a., wann die gleichzeitige Einnahme von MB und 5-HTP sinnvoll oder risikobehaftet ist, was zu G6PDH-Mutationen zu beachten ist, welche Erkenntnisse es zu MB und Krebs gibt und welche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten sich mit Blick auf Infrarot ergeben:

04:23 • Serotonin & 5-HTP
27:18 • G6PDH Polymorphismen
45:09 • Krebs (Cancer)
1:18:03 • Infrarot
1:34:29 • Bezugsquellen

Alle Folien als PDF und damit die Studienreferenzen wie immer auf meinem Blog zum Download.

Building on the first part (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9mqhezy7xc) as well as your questions and suggestions, this video goes into more depth and expands on several aspects - including when taking MB and 5-HTP at the same time is sensible or risky, what to consider regarding G6PDH mutations, what findings there are on MB and cancer and what possible applications there are with regard to infrared:


With translation (YouTube)

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Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9mqhezy7xc

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BVqnHTUA_o



Methylene Blue

as Methylthioninium chloride, commonly called methylene blue, is a salt used as a dye and as a medication. Methylene blue was first prepared in 1876, by Heinrich Caro and is today listed as Essential Medicines.


Careful with YouTubers

Methylene Blue is featured in many videos on YouTube, almost as "the latest thing" sold to you with murderous "advertising" and on the verge of "health freaks" - more confusing in the end, than beneficial. I would call this like that instead: Infuencers (as usual) with a strong tendency for Bio-hacking (anything goes) doing advertising with all kinds of information; both true, half true, and not so true. And in the end, highly confusion if you follow everything.

Methylene Blue as a health tool is mainly for middle aged above 40 and elderlies - not for young people - because the latter have no mitochondrial benefits from it. They already have their mitochondria activity on top. But the elderly, benefit from rejuvenating their mitochondria, for better energy output.


I follow e.g. Florian Schilling who is:

Florian Schilling, born in 1981, first studied medicine and then switched to the profession of alternative practitioner. Utilising scientific findings for a more holistic, integrative medicine was his motivation and incentive from the very beginning.

He is the author of several books on the medical aspects of the coronavirus pandemic and runs his own blog on this topic. In his latest book, he deals with the diagnosis and treatment of post-vaccine syndrome. After working in Asia, he now lives in the Allgäu region and works as Scientific Director of Mitocare in Munich.


Mitochondrial rejuvenation - for 40+ and older people

Therefore i am a bit skeptical about YouTubers doing Bio-hacking, where Methylene Blue isn't really for the younger age groups, as there are no real benefits. It acts as a rejuvenating compound for middle aged and older people, which reinvigorates the mitochondria in our cells, from which we get our energy though something called ATM.

One age related exception does exist, e.g. here all ages can benefit from Methylene blue


Where ages can benefit
Vaccination Damages / Post Vac / "Post Covid"

But there is an exception - in which Methylene Blue can have positive effects at all ages: People with Covid-19 modRNA injected damages. In other words the not truly approved, in truth not really tested, genetic experimental injections dumped onto humanity. Which have lead to numerous deaths (35+ million) and even more so; many damages in people (75-100+ million people) - making it the by far worst medical intervention of all - and largest criminal act against Humanity ever been committed !

The damages are neglected and ignored by almost all instances such as courts, governments, politicians, "public medical doctors & scientists", as well official authorities. Sad to say; it says awful lot about the intricate criminal network nowadays that is corrupting and ruling "democracy", politicians and our public medical institutions.

These Post Vaccination Damages are often publicly filed under the erroneous umbrella of "Post Covid". Here, you have for once positive effects with help of Methylene Blue as a tool you can work with.


Solutions / Tools for Vaccine Damages

Due to the effect Methylene Blue it has on the immune system, especially for auto-immune diseases, as well in cases of over reaction of the immune system, going into hyperdrive - where Methylene Blue eases those pathways.

Florian Schiller did some truly excellent work into explaining what Methylene Blue does. He speaks in German language, but i look out for an English version, as well. Unfortunately no, there is only a GERMAN VERISON - but highly recommended for those who seek information.


Key areas of Methylene blue

in which Methylene Blue is a great tool to counteract following issues.
Illustration by Florian Schilling.



I use Methylene Blue, too

During the past half year, i have noticed a kind of sluggishness / tiredness in my body (past 12 months) - when i walk home, and have to go up a hill for example - I feel more tired in my legs. The walking path from the depot home, is often my "thermometer", a kind of indicator to see and feel how and where my condition really lies. I get an inner sense if my body feels tired when i climb stairs, walk up hills etc. I notice any differences, so to speak.

Now the pneumonia and following inflection / cold or whatever spooked me after, did of course have an impact on my overall condition, degrading it quite a bit, lacking that extra energy.

As of now, i am pretty fine - but it took actually more than a whole month to ebb out for good. Now I have started to get that extra energy on top - which is the part, where you get ideas, have inspiration, and do things - and enjoy life again. Before that, I just "functioned"; ok to go to work, performing my work, and get home again - and then - nothing. Everything kind of stopped there and i had no lust or feelings to do anything else at home.

So, given that Methylene Blue acts on many levels in the body, including the primary invigoration of the mitochondria in my case, especially on elderly people, i thought to give it a go - and have used it more regularly lately. I notice a better condition ever so slightly, in my walks home.

Not as breathless as I have in the past.

More I can't say as of now - because I need to take it longer, in order to describe any possible differences. Nevertheless it is a fascinating compound with good potential for us, who are a bit older

Be careful with the blue ink. It is extremely easy to color anything Methylene Blue comes in contact with, because it is so extremely concentrated. You can easily destroy your clothes (I don't know if it goes out in a wash, since I have not tested that).


Prices & Quality seem to vary

I bought mine from Germany, albeit with a far too high price with 60 € for a 30 ml bottle (= 630 drops) Perhaps it is the extra high concentration with this particular brand ? I don't know.

1 drop there is equivalent to 1 mg Methylene Blue. I use 5 drops in the morning, and 5 drops and the evening (as a starter) MIXED IN A GLASS OF WATER. You never use it concentrated !

Later on, one can use the full dosis of 15 drops (mg) in the morning, and 15 drops (mg). In the beginning you may (or may not) experience light headaches. If you do, you leave the dosis at that level - and don't increase it for the time being.

Don't over dose beyond a total of 30 mg per day - because as it can lead to exarbated symptoms such as cough, headaches, pain in arms and legs and higher heart rate.

Here in Sweden, i have seen larger bottles, which cost around 23 € instead - and i will use that, once the Methylene Blue from German Urlicht has ended.

And yeah, your pee turns greenish *LOL* (Nothing to worry about it) Which is pretty funny, to see, though. Methylene blue is exerted after around 48-64 hours in total, I believe.

If you have kidney problems, you should research deeper first, though ! Like with any substance, when a person has kidney problem, you always have to be more careful and do your research deeper, in order to understand any possible risk/benefits with kidney conditions.



Combining the intake of Methylene Blue with Liposomal Gluthation GSH increases the activity of Methyelene Blue, for people who need higher antioxidative activity. (You normally don't need that combo).

Knowledge protects.

Ignorance endangers.

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