Listen carefully

especially of what the WHO's "Chief Scientist" Jeremy Farrer says in the video at 03:48 - and listen to how the Corona narrative from 2020 is copied more or less exactly; only now it is for the Bird Flu. (A theme that has been increasingly been fear mongered about in the background lately)


Revival: "Swineflu" 2009

But... if you remember the "Swine Flu" from 2009 - (derivated from the Bird Flu virus, then also realize that the Wine/Bird Flu is already an old theme, under the umbrella of the same virus group; A pre-corona scream and fear mongering scenario drill executed - but failed miserably (German Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, who not only was a doctor but as well a politician, called for an inquiry in the EU - which revealed that the whole thing was a scamdemic.

The experimental, prematurely executed "vaccine" campaign therefore ended abruptly. Unfortunately, 75% of the Swedes got vaccinated - which lead to many hundreds got narcolepsy, an incurable disease making you falling a sleep at any time, destroying their lives.

The Swedish Government despite all nice words, refused / delayed economical compensation for a very long time, as people were standing there, their life in tatters without any support.


Lies, more Lies, endless Lies

The same Dr Farrer who speaks on behalf of the WHO (World Health Organization - which by the way is a PRIVATE organization; unelected, undemocratic and largely privately financed by Big Pharma, Bill Gates (& Melina Foundation) but also Germany is one of the largest sponsors.

Dr Farrer at the WHO, was in 2020 involved in the denial of the SARS-CoV 2 lab theory which was on the table already in later spring 2020. Yet was heavily denied, and anyone who made a claim - got canceled. Three years later, it became common knowledge that the SARS-CoV-19 virus was created and tampered with in Bio-Labs under the umbrella of Bio-Weapon research; also known with innocent sounding name "Gain of Function Research".

Ferrer at the WHO tells in the video that the Bird Flu is very potent and can infect people around the world - and speaks in the same breathe about vaccines (!) Sounds familiar ? Only that extreme few cases are knwon where a transfer between animal to human actually has occured. They make it sound as if it is a sort of standard transmissionfor the virus family.

And of course - therefore vaccines will / need to be developed. Preferably less in 100 days (!) Something which normally would take 10 years of testing, before clearance.

Snake oil anyone ?


Genetic modRNA "vaccines" for the Bird flu

What do you think those "vaccines" will be based on ?

By design - on the toxic, partially lethal modRNA platform - which is NOT A VACCINE. It never can, it never will. It is based on a genetic "therapy", altering both RNA and human DNA (due to the many failures that are embedded into the genetic platform they designed, which due to the ZETA electrical charge of particles in the vials, is drawn into the cellcore of the human DNA.

Therefore yes - it is altering the human DNA, too.

It does not matter what cargo you put into the lipid nano particles of modRNA shots. The very design itself of this platform is doomed to fail, creating tremendous amounts of damages and diseases, e.g. turbo cancers, and deaths. Many of those turbo cancers do not respond to any of the common chemotherapies used in cancer treatments.

So, are you truly ready for more genetic altering injections ?


To tinker with human DNA, is at best iffy

This should be a lesson worthwhile always to be remembered. Why did we forget what we knew very well was unthinkable back in the 1990s ?

Never. Tinker. With. Human. DNA.

Speaking of "vaccines"; since when has any conventional vaccine ever worked against flu viruses / influenza / flu ?

Never !


Notice about "Pandemics"

You can never, ever have a lethal virus AND a global spread (Pandemic). Does not happen, can not happen, and has never happened.

A lethal virus would kill the host's cells so quickly, that it cannot spread. Therefore you can have a limited lethal outbreak, but never a global. Viruses normally get a lot weaker, and affect cells more slowly - and therefore can spread - but it doesn't kill the hosts.

What the WHO is doing, is to inject fear mongering. Over and over again.

No, the Spanish flu wasn't flu, for heavens sake and had nothing to do with Spain either. It was originated from the military installations within the US to begin with. And it was a bacteria that killed people, not a virus.

On top vastly overblown deaths, which not until the 1940s and later got added on over time. Originally it wasn't that many who died. Also; they use a lot of experimental injections ("Vaccines") on many people, especially military personnel, including those abroad, as the Word War I had raged (hunger, poverty, low immune system etc)

It lead to that many died, as their bodies couldn't cope with the negative side of those experimental "vaccines" together with the bacteria. Their immune system was already heavily compromised. And more strain to it - and you break the camels back. Attempts to try to make the sputum of the infected - to infect healthy people - failed in all attempts.

Interesting, indeed.

But the official story is a virus. So, and here we are - 100 years later, same shit. Same fear mongering. Same forced mask bullshit like back in 1918. Masks increases the bacterial load enormously - but now those masks also contain many detrimental chemical compounds and particles, which furthers adverse effects by a multi fold.




The defense fight isn't in the blood

That is totally useless to inject you with antibodies and virus fragments (in conventional vaccines).

The real fight and the defense - happens in the human mucous membranes ! And those are by nature short lived cells; 14 days. So, you do not need a "vaccine" - because once the cells in the mucous membranes are compromised, the body sheds them off.

That is what you get a lot of phlegm out of your nose. No vaccine has ever worked against any kind of flu or influenza. It is a money making machine. And now, they use corrupted governments to get the money directly. And our government play in their hands, while lying to citizens, they are supposed to serve. Nothing of that works anymore.

And that's why the shit we see around us, is happening. United with the same corrupted media, which serves the criminals who sponsors the media, and strangles every reporter who is trying to speak closer to the truth of things.


Aluminum compounds

among other things are highly detrimental for the Hippocampus in our brain, as it stops it to produce new cells which are needed for memories, time sense and emotional connections with knowledge and experience. Also; it influences in a negative way, that the information stored in the short term memory, when it is "taken out", in order to be written into the longterm memory - that process is disrupted with Aluminum oxide, which leads to the loss of new memories.

Overall, Aluminum oxide leads to gradual degradation of the Hippocampus over time, and early onsets of Alzheimer and premature dementia. A very interesting subject - how Aluminum oxide is highly detrimental for human health / neurological health. After the C-19 injections, we have now numerous cases of Alzheimer / Dementia in people who are at or slightly below 40 years of age.

That is almost unheard of, as it was considered to be an high age disease.


I call that a WTF moment

to say the least. But such things do not happen by accident.

They don't. And we the people, should stop defending that shit as if "it doesn't concern me", and "isn't true" and "doesn't matter". It ultimately will matter, if we don't think deeper about these things and say STOP. If we don't - it will hit us one day, too. At any age and position. Because it is meant to do so, if you let the dark powers who rule behind the curtains on this planet, have their will.

Discernment is the key.
Ego on the other hand - isn't.


Vaccines and Autism: 1950 vs 2018

Why do you think they inject babies with it calling it "vaccines" ? So that their brain don't fully develop, due to the highly negative disruptions caused by Aluminum oxide and other Aluminum compounds. It also has lead to the total explosion of autism: In the US, back in the 50s - less than one child for every 10.000 born, where autistic.

Today it is every 34th child which is autistic.

Which is totally unnatural development - it simply cannot happen naturally. If the human genome would be unstable, we wouldn't never made it though hundred thousands of years.


When they inject children with 73 vaccines
In the first 18 years...

then you must understand that you get a lot of nefarious compounds are collected over time. The brain is not made for such influences. When you inject something into the blood stream, you BYPASS ALL the body's natural defenses.

Also; it usually bypasses / penetrates the Blood-Brain barrier - which is normally there to protect the brain in the first place. (Covid-19 "injections" where made in such a way, that the compounds PENETRATES the blood-brain barrier. Which is a strange design, given that for an influenza like illness in the lungs - why would you make a product, which penetrate the brain ? That's not where the action is with viral diseases.

Instead, this design creates inflammation in the brain with neurological damages (as well death due to ruptures of larger blood vessels, turbo cancer and other tumors etc - not so uncommon). Brain cells that create body foreign spike proteins, leads into that the body destroys those brain cells (which never get regenerated !). That is what the body is designed to do: to destroy any foreign protein !


The immune system is trained to destroy any foreign proteins

Remember, the body's defense cells get very early up TRAINED into learning how to recognize and destroy all FOREIGN PROTEINS in the inner system / blood stream and cells.

As you use modRNA injections - which falsely are called "vaccines" - by forcing human cells to produce foreign proteins (spike proteins for example) - you are doomed to get those cells destroyed, no matter where those cells are located.

It can happen to any cells in the body, because the designer have no direction to where the artificial genetic information goes to in the body. (no, it doesn't stay at the injection site in the arm. the trillion of particles from the genetic injections are distributed within 15-30 minutes in the entire body.


If cells in the Aorta for example are infected with modRNA and start producing spike proteins... The Aorta wall will get inflamed - and the immune system will kill those cells. Then the aorta get weakened or bursts.

You die.

This process happens wherever the spike protein is created in any cell in the body. The brain ain't excluded from this. Nor is any organ in the body.

How the FUCK can you create something like this, and call it "safe & effective" - while politicians still in 2024 call it the same way. Those people should be in jail, and not be paid by the people, as they are not doing their job, and they are defending Crimes against Humanity. Even still in Sweden, same shit. Same lies. Same stupidity.

The modRNA is platform is by design a highly toxic and detrimental platform.

One injection contains 7 trillions (!) foreign particles... Your body has 100 trillion cells.

Make the math !

A baby up to 2 years of age, a baby doesn't have a functional blood-brain barrier. Most compounds can penetrate into the brain. The many injections they give babies up to 2 years, are highly detrimental for neurological development. No heavy metal and Aluminum compounds should ever reach the brain, especially not at that tender age

Now you have the answer to the extreme explosion of Autism.


It is totally irresponsible

In essence, it is a Crime against Humanity

When will we finally understand that for real ?


How many viruses do you have on your finger tip ?

200 million.

They are part of our lives - always has, always does, always will - at any time, everywhere.
Don't be afraid.

Don't let them weaponize fear against viruses making you become a slave.

77 / 2024