I am a pretty lousy writer in my Diary, when it is about things, actions, events and influences in the outer world. Too many emotions - and I notice it every time I write - it is as if i don't really own the flow of my emotions - because the words are getting tumbled upside down. Pretty often actually.

I also miss that I in my age, still write like an angry young man, instead of being more like a mature guy. I haven't really developed much above my local horizon, of how to express myself in my Diary. It is more or less the same, albeit more angry at times compared to let's say 25 years ? While other times, I write incredibly boring, with all my photography stuff I am babbling about. I mean who the fuck cares, you know. Or am i just too harsh here ?

But... I do love to write about it

My mind is a lively, very intense, extremely deep and complex one. (Not complicated really, but very complex) I think enormously much... and it wants to be... processed, reflected upon... somehow dealt with.

I wished I could or would write like those writers, whose English is sophisticated yet penetrating in a way, like smooth waves wandering through your soul. I admire language skills and have a great sense of it - but i can't find myself to write like that. Of course realize, how primitive and repetitive my English is in comparison...

Nevertheless, the admiration of other writes with great language and expression skills - is sincere from my side, and i enjoy it a lot ! Likewise, I love the Swedish language, perhaps because it reaches far deeper into my soul, compared to English.

I often have to look up words I seem to understand, but not really deeply understand. So even today, i am constantly looking up English words. Because I want to know... No, I want to feel that I understand a word, from a realm deeper within - instead of just (somewhat) understanding it with my mind.


Like a deep-rooted desire of mine

I wonder where that is coming from. Perhaps childhood thing. I so wanted to communicate - but there was nobody really who could or would share, entangle or reflecting my thoughts... So, there was always this strong desire, almost like a pressure from within, really wanting to talk, to communicate, to share and to listen... But there was none. When I was a child, i spoke to strangers - because nobody in the family was present wanting seriously to talk to/with me.

Strange, but true.

It seems it was a survival strategy of mine as a boy, talking to strangers back in Berlin. I sense that the origins of my Diary are based on that "survival strategy". If nobody wants to communicate with me, i have to write to myself in a Diary instead. That kind of style.

Albeit i was too afraid to write a diary at my parents home, because they would have bashed the shit out of me, for whatever reason, it didn't matter for them, as long they could use me as their scratch pole for their frustrations. Which they did constantly - even without reason.

I started to write my first diary few month before I run away from home, when I was still 15. And then went to the authorities in order to get to an orphanage once and for all, which happened back in Feb 1982.

I never returned to my father and stepmothers home. Instead, 2 years later, I moved to Stockholm. What a strange world, ending up in Stockholm, arriving on 17 April 1984 - exactly 40 years ago.



When i go back in time - since 2020 gradually walking into the realm of so much contradictions between the public stage and all what really went on behind the curtains - i find extremely difficult to balance. Even now i realize that when they plan and try to ship new nefarious agendas, that I loose my grip of how I am writing. It is at the same time exhausting trying to find the right words, you know. And all the information collected in my memory in the past 4 years, also exert a strong push, when I try to form my words, trying to write them down.

For the first 2.5 years I didn't balance the disruptive energies at all. On the contrary, it was like they were ruling me, not the other way around. And it just got more and more - extremely complex. The stream of hidden (away from the public eye) information just was overwhelming. Also, I never been so deeply entangled into the world of virus, genetics and biology like in the past 4 years.


ModRNA injections: "A Biological Meltdown"

I often make translation and descriptions about genetics - nut not here. Instead if write those, and have written for the past 3.5 years, at the Cassiopaean Forum. Right now i am working on translating the material from Florian Schilling, about the "Biological Meltdown" - the studies and consequences of the modRNA injections on people being collected into 3 hour video, filled to the brim with sobering informations. How the modRNA, the lipid nano-particles interact with the human genome. The Why's being it - which in detail is absolutely fascinating as it is scary. The interactions are happening on so many levels, that it makes your head spin.

They found pathways, that are so detrimental. It is fascinating how much have been become known, how much damage the modRNA injections has on the human body. The repercussions are so vast... that's why Florian Schilling calls it "a biological meltdown". It is like throwing a nuclear weapon into the body, literally.


The Video is very complex

but nevertheless, Florian Schilling does a remarkable job trying to illustrate the many factors that are at work, with help of illustrations and explanations. It is about the contaminations in the Covid 19 "Vaccines", via so called bacterial plasmids. It is about the charge of the lipid nano-particles, which due to their highly negative electrical charge, make sure to go into the human DNA cell core. It is about the SV40 promoter/enhancer, that on top, when there is DNA present in the vials, also makes sure that the bacterial DNA is coded into the human DNA.

Albeit the SV40 promoter itself, has not any reasonable function in a "vaccine" to begin with - but one needs to ask the question; why has it been coded into the artificial modRNA ?! for a "vaccine" that is supposed to be against a respiratory disease (flu/influenza/etc). It makes absolutely no sense to add a SV40 promoter. If you wonder what the SV40 Promoter is ?

It a genetic starting sequence, originated from a Monkey virus. Speaking of that, the whole monkey virus they put into the Polio Vaccines in the 50s/60s (the oral version on a sugar cube you got at school) - which was highly oncogenic, or in other words; promoting cancer.

In the Pfizer/BioNTech Vials, they used a genetic snippet from that monkey virus - which is called SV40 promoter/enhancer being added into the genetic artificial code of the Pfizer modRNA. It promotes that in the presence of any DNA material (in this case modified E. Coli bacterial DNA) fuses with human DNA - which often leads to auto-immune diseases as well cancer.

The body's immune system is trained to discover foreign proteins. Cells that produce foreign proteins, are aimed to be killed.


Recipe for Disaster

So, why do they make genetic injections, which lets human cells create foreign proteins ? Every fuck within science should knows this already at school level.

Why are the ingredients of the modRNA designed to penetrate the important Blood-Brain barrier ? It makes no sense, if you aim is set out for a medicine against a respiratory disease - the immune actions happen in the mucous membranes of the lungs - which are short lived anyway (especially when compromised). The actions is NOT in the blood stream, it is NOT in the brain.

It will not help you to have many antibodies in the blood stream, if a respiratory disease battleground occurs in the mucous membranes of lungs / nose ! Also those antibody's created via the artificial modRNA injections, are in fact the wrong type, which ain't helping anyway.

The genetic altering platform is a recipe for disaster.



Another issue is that the N1-Methylpseudouridine (m1ψ), which is an unnatural, artificial component they exchanged in the genetic sequences, taking off Uridine, and putting in m1ψ, instead. This was awarded with the Swedish Nobel Prize - is a resilient (higher melting point of around 69°C compared to 63-64°C for natural Uridine). This is a very sticky component - which easily glues to the bacterial DNA contaminations. Another way to make sure - what never should happen in the first place.

The presence of too much N1-Methylpseudouridine gives basis for another bunch of problems, e.g. also leading to something called "frame shift". The sequence in how RNA is translated in the human cell, via the ribosomes, suddenly shifts - which leads to the creation of wrong / erroneous types of proteins. Those can misfold, becoming dangerous prions, even affect healthy proteins becoming corrupted proteins. Blood clots (the type which the body cant break down, get accumulated over time, creating these big long clots they pulled out of people), all kinds of cancer, disintegration of tissues, inflammation cascades in the body... you name it.

And we are wondering why so many people are affected by turbo cancer. As I said earlier - to tinker with human DNA, is at best iffy.

Another startling discovery is, that the lipid nano particles fuse with the artificial modRNA - already in the vials - which triggers another sleeve of repercussions / diseases. I had no idea, that this also was possible.

The video is mind boggling at so many levels.

You may wanna have a look yourself:


Florian Schilling - Biological Meltdown
(3 hours in English)


Florian Schilling - Molekularbiologische Kernschmelze
(3 hours in German)


"Home Office" Sessions from Nuoviso

I think i listened to all the Corona Investigative Committee Berlin sessions since around Session 30. Which was around Jan 2021. Each one of them lasted around 5 hours... Now they are at session 205 in May 2024.

I listened to ALL of NuoViso's "HomeOffice" sessions from Germany, which started on i believe 11 March 2020 with No 1. They are now at Session 440 !

One of the finest, most interesting talk rounds i can think of. They helped a lot to balance the insane absurdities in the outer world, which accelerated to a never seen before level 2020 and onwards. And i am sure that for many Germans during the lockdown, NuoViso's "Home Office" was a life saver in an insane world. It still is - given how the country has gotten even more insane. Like a hidden hand who set a goal, that Germany must be destroyed - at any price.

And just look at theit politicians there - it is a disaster of epic proportions what is rolling off the shelves in politics and nefarious laws. Kind of like a mix of stupidity, spies and paid actors by foreign powers. They seem to use anything and everything against their "own" people.

Pretty much like this comes to my mind:


Reductio ad absurdum time

Ever since I found myself involuntary locked down in Sicily back in Mars-April 2020 (for 5 weeks) not able to get back to Sweden - I felt an imminent strong sense of that I needed to understand of what was unfolding. Because it felt all deeply flawed and wrong - but I couldn't explain it with my own words. I needed first to understand more about the underpinnings. And more about genetics, bioscience and virus interactions in the first place.

So, the past 4 years have been - the most strangest time I can remember. And so, for many other people in the world, too. An Reductio ad absurdum time, to say the least. The disruptive energies are still going strong, i feels like. Not as bad like a couple years ago, when you read i don't know how many thousands hours about genetics, biology, vaccines and genetic modRNA injections - as well the many hidden aspects and whereabouts behind what we saw unfolding at the public stages, with murderous pressure and absurdly false advertising being pushed upon humanity.

So, much falseness can make you breathless.


Those are highly disruptive energies

Somewhere in a secret corner of my being, i wonder, if all the endless spectacles were and are used in order to divert humanity's collective attention to everything else, but the real story we might face once day. Whatever be might coming, is maybe bigger than everything we so far witnessed ? Like a cyclic events which are attached to earth though many times. Perhaps we fail to look at that from a bigger perspective ?


The magicians Trick

What about cosmic events, we know happen in cyclic intervals ? (You really think NASA is going to tell you about what is really going on ?)

No, it is an honest question, not a statement. One wonders, if so much insanity that is now accumulating, as if "anything goes" - has to do with something far bigger than we normally could imagine ?

I am thinking of the Phoenix hypothesis for example. As if the hidden hands deliberately make humanity go from one fear (Corona) to the next etc (USA/UK/EU/Ukraine War against Russia, Israel's Genocide against Palestine) - so that we are kept so busy, so numb, so disoriented, and filled with anger and confusion ... but never look up.

I leave it at those words.


Bill McGuire


William J. McGuire is a volcanologist and Emeritus Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London. His main interests include volcano instability and lateral collapse, the nature and impact of global geophysical events and the effect of climate change on geological hazards.


It this isn't evil

then I don't know what is...

Funny, all these many "Scientists" - acting out more like viscous religious meltdown doomsday ideas. What do people like that, have to offer humanity ? It ain't love, honey. Anything but that. There are more than plenty of those - which by "coincidence", are the ones you hear and see the most in the official narrative media.

Go fuck yourself, bitch.

Do they really believe that they are exempted from the evil ideas they put forth ? What makes you think, they got a free ticket - when the shit hits the fan ?

Ego's wishful thinking at it's 'best'.

78 / 2024