I don't know what flower this is - but boy, it grows with a speed that I have never seen before. Sal bought two small "bushes" 3-4 weeks ago - and since then it have changed into a huge flower bed, covering the entire long pot he planted them into. I have never had flowers which grew this fast. Simply stunning.

They are a bit sensitive to stronger rain, so i put them under the roof, so that they aren't so exposed to the physical powers of heavy raindrops.


Sigma ART 105mm f 1.4
on Fujifilm GFX 50s II

The lens itself is of course a beast with its 1.6 kilo and humongous size - but the optical quality is one of a kind. It even covers the 70+% larger Fujifilm (Sony) sensor in the GFX. Since I use it with the Finger GFX Pro adapter - the autofocus is overall pretty good. But yes, like with any lens via Finger Pro GFX adapter - they can miss the exact focus, more often - compared to native Fujinon GF lenses.

The Sigma is one of the more reliable ones in that regard, but not fail proof. I am ALWAYS nowadays very careful with the focus, regardless lens i adapt to the Fujifilm GFX 50s II camera (and it's only contrast based AF).


Equivalent to a 85mm Portrait lens

The Sigma ART 105 mm turns into a classic 85mm lens on the Fuji GFX camera. With the exceptional aperture of ƒ 1.4 and stunning micro details within the extreme shallow DOF range that aperture gives you.

I am not so sure about the comparison to native lenses like Fujifilm GF 80/1.7 or the Fujifilm GF 110/2 are compared to the Sigma ART 105mm lens. If there is an "advantage" to be had, or not. Qualitywise, I don't think there is any difference. The Sigma ART 105 mm is already top notch.

I am giving the favor to the argument of preferably using native Fujinon lenses - because the AF works more reliable. I can imagine that the AF on the larger GFX 100 models with PDAF work more reliable compared to contrast based CDAF. However i have no practical experience of such statements. Something things appear to be logically better - but that doesn't mean they are better (or more exact) in reality. Not until oneself has tested that for a period. Until then - it is wishful thinking.

The huge size and incredible weight of the Sigma ART 105mm lens, do speak against using it with the GFX system, because both GF 110/2 and GF 80/1.7 are lighter. and a bit smaller (less chubby). On the other hand - each Fujifilm lens has a hefty price tag, compared to the Sigma I already own.

My personal choice is therefore simple; Sigma ART 105/1.4 (in Canon EF mount)


Vast Flexibility with Canon EF mount lenses

The cool thing about the Canon EF mount is, that I can still adapt it to various camera mounts / systems.

• Fujifilm GFX
• FILM based Canon EOS
• Digital EOS EF lens mount
• on mirrorless EOS R / RF system.

In total FOUR different camera mounts.

(NOTE: Many Canon EF lenses are not really covering the larger sensor of the Fujifilm GFX). Only a very few lenses do it)

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