I haven't used my Olympus OM-1 camera (MicroFourThirds) for almost a year.

So, when I started to do Macro photography again... i felt like... a clumsy dude, not fully remembering the many settings in the camera. *LOL* Of course, I get back into it after a couple of hours... but it did feel pretty weird at first.

Kind of strange that i "abandoned" Macro - given the brilliancy of the Olympus system to deal with close macro photography, made rather easy. I absolutely love it - reminding me of a journey into new lands. Seeing things with such fine details, down to the individual cells of a plant. It is like a surprise every time.


The inspiration came naturally

After the 21 mm of rain, all the plants and flowers outside, had thousands of water pearls attache to their leafs. So, i thought i do some macro photography (with focus bracketing / stacking) for a change, with help of the Zerene Stacker app. One thing I am not good at at all, is how to avoid halo's around leafs. These appear sometimes, but I have no knowledge how to change the settings in order to avoid these...

Ah, photography is fun - when things move a bit.


"Frames and Portals"

Kind of strange... it is almost ageless. I can sometimes feel both like a 25 year old as well a 45 year old at the same time. It is almost like with time itself; it is as strange - because it can "move slow", or "speed very fast", albeit its construction in this realm is constant. An outside of this realm, supposedly don't exist. Yet, you look with your mind, soul and thought - through the one and only portal; the you, which you always have been. it is the same frame as always, whether you were 12 years of age, or are 58 years of age.

It is still the same "frame" or "Window" though which you glimse upon the world around you. Always in the Now. Like a timeless portal window you only see through that window, upon the world.

Albeit i would like to add, while unaware to your daile life mind , your spirit likely looks at the same time "though the window from 1000 different lives"

Try to wrap your mind around that... ?!

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