What does that even mean ? I am not sure - as the sentence just came to me, while correcting the words in the previous page. My thinking went along the line of that one looks upon the world, our surrounding, the people, plants and animals in it - with the mind set we are consciously away with all the programs we are used since childhood. The daily life kind of mind.

But then i wonder, if the subconsciousness, and even more so our higher spirit - whose knowledge are beyond the limitation of our 3D density world looks upon this world we live in. I mean somewhere "in the corner of ones mind" (or yours), there must be something that is looking beyond the borders of limitation, in both thinking, reflecting and in terms of knowledge... relating to it, from a pool of "thousands different lives lived".

It may not interfere with our conscious lives, as we often make the decisions here in our world, in the lives we for the moment live... But i am sure that some guidance is lingering in the background, in our half consciousness somewhere. Some call it the muse. Getting inspired by a thought, an idea, a vision (or) a sort of imaginary, rendered dream image from inside... As a visual guy, I often have images i see. Or film clips going off.


Entity Attachments

But next to our higher spirit, as a part of our creation, i wonder - how things look like, if we have "attachments". Kind of energetic entities without a body, yet attached to our soul in the life we live. Would that perhaps be the darker part of our being, as it gets influenced by rather dark inspiration, powers, etc ? I find that likely possible.

Some people get the kind of inspiration, sabotaging their lives, or the lives of others. Or hang onto ideas despite better common sense, and pull through things, that are harmful, devastating, and anti-life so to speak. Or you give in for a life style, due to the influence of other entities/spirit attachments which are different in character compared to your own core being. That would lead into... i am sure many different kinds of manifestations. Such as being super sexed, or fall into other patterns you normally wouldn't engage into.

It's just a thought flow of mine, wondering how we look upon things, from the perspective "behind our retina", while being rather unaware of such things. Especially now in a world, where most people walk around with their heads down, glued to their mobile phone screens, and act - almost literally - like zombies.



I see it to the thousands: Every - single - day. Since I am a subway driver, I do see thousands of people - and get a bit sad, to see the nature of things, how society at large, the image of it - has turned out into. I mean behind all the zombie patterns, are many great souls and minds.

but it all gets sort of "diminished" due to the patterns we so "stubbornly" hold and even defend; such as walking around with a phone upon our faces almost everywhere we go. While seeing kind of fucking nothing of our surrounding anymore, but get numbed by the artificial contents of what we see on mobile phone screens.

It is deadening to watch that sometimes



My biggest worry

is that i often get lost in the outer appearance of people. That I can't (??) really penetrate the inner nature of people, behind zombie behavior. Which then leads to misjudgment about them. I mean if i could get around the outer shell, i wouldn't rely on how they act / the lack of interaction / the irritating outer actions.

That would be something !

People are nowadays incredible unresponsive - when i watch them silently as i walk through crowds, bypassing people. I often find myself thinking, that they never look up, or observe their surroundings. Just glued onto that screen and whatever is shown there. And this goes on for years after years...


Out of the Blue reactions

Other times, people can react so sensitive and aggressive that it takes your breath away. But often in situations that absolutely don't matter. As if somebody puts a match, and things go in flames. Totally beyond any common sense. That too is a weird changed among people in society.


Neuro Inflammations in brains

Given that genetic manipulation, has a detrimental effect on the human body - it must be considered. It is no secret by now, that the genetic manipulations also happen in the brains of people, who let themselves get injected. That the spike proteins can easily traverse the blood-brain barrier and once in the brain - it does what it does; create inflammation and cell death, because the body ALWAYS will see it as a foreign protein. Our body's immune system is trimmed by design, to attack any foreign protein. Always.

Now, when you have micro inflammations and cell death going on in the brain - it also has the detrimental effect that the Hippocampus - the only place where new cells are normally generated through out the entire live... gets disabled to produce new cells.

The Hippocampus is THE DIARY OF YOUR LIFE.

If it doesn't create new cells to store and relate, compare and with earlier information you have gathered, you loose memories, experience and the ability to think - and it starts to shrink over time.

To create a genetic injection, that can literally disable functions in the brain, in our Hippocampus - is literally a bio weapon. And it does change people's personality over time, too.


That is what I see in my surrounding

Sometimes the changes are subtle, while in others rather striking. Others seem to have recovered over time - where I assume that the body might have found ways to heal things. At least partially, because the injections were highly different, as well the very different handling of them, also had a great impact on the detrimental outcome of the injections.

Sometimes the content was destroyed, due to shaking, warmth. Also differences in content were discovered, as well difference in how active or inactive the contents where - so you never knew or know exactly what or how much people actually got into their bodies.

In any way - there was never a "protection" via those injections. And it never was a vaccine, because real vaccines work very different compared to artificial genetic injections, which alter both RNA as well the human genome; our DNA.

It is just so strange, that people nowadays accept the idea, that genetic alterations would have a beneficial impact on their health. It has ALWAYS been known since decades, that once you TINKER with DNA... it is iffy at best. We also have always known, that once you tinker with the human genome, our DNA, you are playing with death, cancer and illness.

Never, ever tinker with DNA.


When did people forget this "knowledge", and that so suddenly and globally ?! Is it that we have seen too many science-fiction movies via Hollywood, where the idea is always kept up high, that you can simply and easily change things genetically, and then - voilá - illnesses resolved, and health enhanced.

That is total, utter bullshit. In the real medical scientific world - is has ALWAYS BEEN KNOWN that genetic alterations almost always lead to severe illness and deaths.

It's just that you were not told about those results !

And since we are being who often invest into wishful-thinking, we kind of defend the Hollywood ideas of that genetic manipulation is a good thing. And that they "would never harm us".


No honey !

They laugh all the way to the bank, like any mafia criminal does. And it has always been like that. So, what makes you believe, that Big Pharma is there for your best interest and health ?

If we continue to believe that - well, then again, we are just zombies, going our way, as if nothing ever happened. Not even seeing the death and illnesses of others around us, which in startling ways, have become far more prominent. While with out your noses looking down, locked into the artificial make-belief world of mobile phone content, and the wonderous "achievements" of new treatments. Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Scrolling down. Always. Endless.


Then, all of the sudden

you're 75 year old, if you even make it there - and wonder:

"Is this all there is ?"

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