During several days punching into the world of macro of ice cubes - this one is perhaps the finest of them all. Or - at least it is my own favorite out of many others.

Focus bracketing / stacking makes the world of Macro endlessly more interesting - albeit often with a feeling of "electron microscopic feel", because the depth of sharpness increases tremendously. While when only taking normal shots, by stopping down your macro lens - the depths of sharpness is minimal. Yet, sometimes it gives you truly airy images, with aura and plenty of feeling.

Therefore; each methods has it's own merits. None is "better" - because it all depends. Also what it is you wish to accomplish. To be honest, my take is often like this: I don't have a true goal. It is more like those experiments "guide me along the way". To see what comes out of it - and from there i walk along and see what i could do differently. Some images come out totally boring - while others, turn out into very different, highly interesting "micro landscapes"

I do however have great fun with these experiment - which are basically all made on my kitchen sink ! I seem to be prone to make macro photography at my kitchen sinks - even back in the early days of digital close-up photography, in order to create "impressions"... it always as at my kitchen sink.


110 / 2024