Cold and Rainy

Didn't we have this last year too ? When the summer vacation month of July 2023, arrived - it fell flat down like a pancake. August 2023 did the same even more so !!

We're writing July 2024 - and it has been chilly/cold, unsteady and rainy. The average 24hrs temperatures Southern Sweden this far, are up to 5° colder than normal.

It is of course too early to know, how July will turn out. It will likely continue for the next 7 days, and then - perhaps - starting to stabilize, which means more sunshine, less clouds and rain.


Rain coming our way (tonight)

There seem to be plenty of activity going on over Middle and Southern Sweden, including thunderstorms. I doubt however that any T-storm reach the captial.


Speaking of bad weather

This isn't just a phenomena that now layers Scandinavia. Over Middle Europe the general weather has been much worse, in terms of record high rain (Germany got their rainiest year in more recent "history", for the first 6 months). There the bad weather pattern has been going on for months - while we in Scandinavia had a fantastic May and large parts of June 2024. So, down there, it has been way to cold, rainy and cloudy during most periods. A few ones gave high temperatures, but that didn't last too long.


Earth changes vs CO2 lies

Well, the earth changes around the world are getting increasingly into our face. And usually blamed on CO2 and humanity. When the elite rats, first plunger out humanity, then they blame humanity for "destroying" the planet. It is like you got a bunch of self-proclaimed, entitled psychopaths who through the mask of deception, trying to tell you how to live.

While they in the background steered the boat though the worst weather against the cliff.

usually a psychopath never admits his failure. So, there is nothing new under the sun. Below the hidden hands, you got the bloody corrupted politicians, with an IQ that of Knäckebröd (which has become painfully obvious during the past years, as if they are born on a different planet of something - so stupid and ignorant, while others well aware of that they participating in a nefarious agenda against humanity).

And like the ego often does - it thinks it is excluded from the consequences, as if having a "ticket on the golden shore". It may be so for a while - but not for ever.

You guys know this deep down.

So, keep the lies to yourself, and do not speak for us real people.

Assholes !

112 / 2024