The journey continues with ice cube experiments.

Again, some turn out totally boring - while others show a remarkable detail-rich landscape, with scurrilous character, on the verge of chaos. Or should I say "Frozen Chaos" ?

Naturally i prefer ice that isn't clear - but contains bubbles and other features. Usually you don't get clear ice when you put water into the freezer (as ice cubes). Clear ice to appear needs a warmer base - like a lake, which at the bottom is around 4°C, and freezes only from above down. That way you get clear ice at the top.

When you do that in the freezer at home, the water gets frozen from all sides, and therefore the air bubbles can't escape. But that is what sometimes creates fascinating landscapes - especially in the threshold areas between clear and opaque ice.


Speaking of ice shapes

I bought various ice-form shapes, like big rings and large bolls. I am curious how those may turn out. Perhaps I find them useful for more icy landscapes.



Well, well, well. July this far, has been too cold, too rainy. Sounds familiar ? It is however typical Swedish summer, with showers in the afternoon. So, it isn't all "bad", but so far we have not had any steady period of summer weather in July (where most people have vacation).


Thunderstorm, anyone ?

Here in Stockholm - we have barely had any. I may remember one or two thunders - but that's it. Yet there have been T-storm in the wider Stockholm area. Albeit, i also missed a couple (potentially) that went over our area - because I often sleep during daytime (without waking up).

Damn. I love thunderstorms - but the east side of Sweden, really isn't ideal for thunderstorms. Its rather on the rare side to have these classic thunderstorm events. Italy is perfect for thunderstorm weather.

Mmmmmmm yeah !


Paid Vacation - for the first time in Sal's life.

Including my husband Sal who is now on vacation. Which by the way, is the first time in his life to have a paid vacation (!!) - in the age of 57 ! Fascinating. And strange, when I think about it.

We may take it for granted, that vacation is normal for most European people. But apparently it isn't always the case, especially in the lower segments of work. In Southern European countries, it seems to be less common to have paid vacation. Or vacation at all...

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