Springtime 2021

It actually stared this year rather early... I mean springtime. But what is spring ? The calendar version ? The meteorological definition ? The astronomical point ?

I mean the meteorological definition of springtime in Sweden, started already on 25 Feb 2021 in Stockholm - about 1 month earlier than normal. The definition according to Swedish SMHI is, a row of 5 consecutive days with a mean temperature above 0°C.



New National February Record in Sweden: +17.0°C

The sudden change from deep winter, lots of snow and deep temperatures - came with steep rises in temperatures towards the end of february 2021 - going from one extreme to the other, so to speak. Europe got many all time high temperatures recorded in several countries (at the most: Croatia up to 25.6°C) Even Sweden got a new national february record with 17.0°C (in Kalmar Airport, SE Sweden)

Here in Stockholm it wasn't as extreme, and yet it felt and still feels noteworthy springtime like. Not full spring, but the kind of spring you can experience when you live in Scandinavia - when the snow melts away, a rather dried out landscape emerges, and much more light shines into the hearts and souls of man.

Here we got a couple of 10°C days already. All snow is gone. At the most we had something like 23-24 cm on the ground. And Sal, my sicilian silverfox husband, enjoyed the wintry scenes - and Tekki, our old lady dog, runs like an arrow through the snow. She can run - boy she can run !



Working on reopening the "PhotoDiary"

I am aware that I have not been very active on my homepage lately - despite that I am actually working on opening the old "PhotoDiary" again - in a basic way. It now enables music  again (if you choose to play it), as but also on Apple iOS devices. Of course... it is nicer to watch on an iPad, while the iPhone is simply too small for honest good photography coming to justice. (on a small device like that, photography is degraded into fast consumption, 0.16 seconds per image... inducing silent insensitivity to the user over time). There is a difference between se and actually seeing.

So, XPan.se with music on iOS devices I never had before - because all my background music was based on invisible flash-files since year 2000. That platform is now totally abandoned - I can't even see any flash (or hear any music) on my local computer when I browse my old Diary, or old Photo Galleries and slideshows. Very annoying - because i consider what is on my computer, should be changed from outside.

I know. The real world under the illusionary world, is quite different. A lot what we don't know, or choose to avoid to think of - but is still part of reality, even if we don't see it. And there is a lot of shit going on over the head of human beings, users, computers.

Anyway. Another reason I took away the PhotoDiary a couple years ago, was that it's structure based on old frames, made navigating on my homepage a catastrophe. So, I took away the PhotoDiary, rebuilt the "OnMyMind Diary" here, by using single sheet pages (without frames) - and navigation was restored in a simple, and for the eye pleasing way.

So, along the weeks I am continuing to experiment with the new "PhotoDiary" - with the hope to create new Photo Series with background music. Where photography has the front seat - and not my words like here.

- 6 -