Cassiopaean Family II

I believe that I write much more balanced, when I write comments within the Cassiopaean Family / Forum. There is a dynamic at work, which I believe is more than what meets the eye. At least, this is how I personally feel, when I am writing to the people - and they all can read what I wrote - and react to it. You have to remember, I have never been inside a community where what is written (or what I write) - is visible to all - an from anyone can reply/give feedback to.

Most people do facebook and such things. I don't - never have. Even if I have written around 100.000 comments 20 years ago in Spray's Sylvester, QX Qruiser (closed LGBT communities), they the communication was still all based on one-to-one messages, not open for others to be read.


Beauty through Words & Spirit and Intelligence

So, it is indeed a very special experience, to write "in front of all" in the Cassiopaean Forum. And the Cassiopaean family isn't just your average Joe - anything but. It is a guarded forum for many reasons. If you shoot out, get angry, make noise.... you will encounter steep guards. (I don't know how else to describe it). What I mean is, that members simply don't allow you to post  excessive noise, or to infiltrate bullshit, diversions or "predatory" mind traps.


Not your average Joe

So, it is both very open, most themes are discussed - at the same time it is closed. It's really puzzling. Because anyone can read what they write in the public section of the forum. Albeit, I must emphasize - you get completely lost if you never have read under dwelled on the Cassiopaean Channeling, nor read any of the Laura Knight-Jadczyk's books. Those are ain't easy to read. I believe I have never ever in my entire life, had to look up words in the Dictionary, like in her books. To be able to even write like that... is amazing.

The topics in her books however require time, introspection and a natural drive of seeking for deeper truths in the world we live in, as well beyond what the eye can see directly - yet we do from time to time sense, get a hunch, and is affecting our world in more than one way, as well our lives, our paths we walk on, and the power that appear to put effort into deliberately wanting us to derail... into a path of subversion, ignorance and Darwinist thinking.


I love to be there

I am also deeply impressed of the broad AND deep knowledge many of the members have there - I mean seriously ! It is just mind boggling. And as much it is mind boggling, i just love the intelligence - which to me is beauty. I guess I have already dreamed about "meeting a wise man" when I was younger. But it never came to my mind, that it could be a combination of getting wiser myself, more honest beyond anything we say and do, at the same time speaking with intelligent people, who too are both rational as well spiritual knowledgeable - plus the outmost interesting subject of discernment ! The jungle in matters, which combine truths and lies - which is perhaps the worst kind, as you easily can slide and derail. flower Power, New Age - is just so typical for exactly that Fallacy (which we meet just everywhere today in the world, news, wannabe sources , gurus and god knows what).


Stimulating. Fascinating.

I am in awe, the way some member put their words into phrases. Consist, concentrated, nailing down at times complicated connections. I mean to write like that, is for me a dream. (I only have my Diary as my playground - which always has been a one-man show. So, I sense extremely much, at many levels - but I had to built up my own language in trying to bring it down, describing it. I never learned how it can be put into words, perhaps in a more intelligent-concentrated way. I often write myself around and around, until I hit the spot, the essence. But that isn't exactly something people would follow me in. I mean, especially these days, where few read longer texts... (and yet have opinion about anything and everything going on in the world... which is a quite fascinating combo).

However, If I never make it into such beautiful, concentrated sentences - I am not sad. Because I admire beauty in many forms created by other human beings - and the sheer greatness in what I read/see/experience though others - does not erase me, what I do. I just do things in my "Diary" kind of way (when I am here at

My homepage/Diary is also a personal space, in which I can actually "act" out, while also learn along the way... We all have the opportunity to grow. And we do all kinds of shit in within our heads - but that doesn't always make us into bad people. We do learn (or at least we can if we choose), as we grow older. Imagine you had an entity all the time, which governs your thoughts, with demands and so on. You would get crazy. So, we do need certain spaces, rooms, in which we can densen into a personality - without being judged for every little fart we make, or every potential thought we think.

So, at the Cassiopaean Forum, I enjoy the skills, and beautiful phrases, the wisdom of people there. The experiences thy put in words, the associations they bring forth. I can only speak my admiration for doing so. There is a wealth of intellect, spirit, reflections and wisdom going on. And of course, also notice. But again, you need a space, in which you can bring forth your thoughts, and by networking with other people around the world, something larger is created, guiding you in both your individual path, as well enriches you and others, what you see through the lens of your eyes and experiences.

The key is networking. And respect !



The Cassiopaean Forum implemented a humoristic way - to stimulate networking. So they created a scale based on STAR WARS characters dependent on how many message members have written. You have to see it with a spark in the eyes. "A disturbance in the Force", "Padawan Learner", "Jedi", "Jedi Master", "Jedi Council Member", etc.


"A Disturbance in the Force"

Since I joined the Cassiopaean Family in Oct 2020, (and everyone else who is new), starts with "Disturbance in the Force" - which by the way is a lovely expression. As you wrote more messages you step up in the character lame. (It isn't dependent on the reaction you have been receiving).


More like a "Padawan Learner" in reality

So, me now being a "Jedi Master" - sound of course super cool, but let's be honest: I believe I am more at the real stage of a "Padawan Learner" at best. At least that is where I would place myself in "reality", and not at the level of a Jedi Master.

I don't know exactly when the Forum was founded, but believe it was 2006. Before that, they had already a version... so the roots go back to at least 2002 perhaps longer in a different shape / chat rooms. The Cassiopaean Channeling, go back to 1997, I believe.

And that is stuff not easy to bypass, when you have 23+ years on your back !


Thanks to "Bringers of the Dawn" (by Barbara Marcinek)

The material is absolutely staggering, really mind boggling through the years. I am not sure if I would have been as open to it - if I wouldn't had deep experience(s) when I bumped into the book "Bringers of the Dawn - "Teachings from the Pleiadians" by Barbara Marcinek. That was, I believe Dec 2019/Jan 2020 - where I read the first half of the web page book (I still have not finished it. But we have it now as a printed book, as well)


Major Disruption

It all got disrupted in mind and spirit, by this stupid Corona Plandemic. Literally like a huge disturbance, which sidelines all spiritual growth. Because as I got stuck in Sicily in the lockdown during March and april 2020 - I put all my efforts in starting to learn and understand the underpinnings of that Plandemic. Which included the introduction in trying to wrap my mind around aspects of Molecular Biology and Virology over time.

I have been at it, ever since !

My thinking was, I can not understand anything of what is going (Corona Plandemic, march 2020), without better knowledge about the medical and biological aspects behind. I had to understand to distinguish important aspects. In order to do so, what is real, and what is not, I had to learn about many things I had extreme vague understanding. With one exception, and that was the "HIV causes AIDS" myth i already had wrapped my mind around for 2.5 years - and that was the very aspect that made me partially understand, that the sudden Corona Plandemic was not what it appeared to be. But without knowledge, without a burning desire for truth, you can not dig deeper into the swamp of what is really going on.


How do we start to follow up something ?

Call it whatever you want. Any scientist or human being, comes to points in life where an important thought crosses you mind - and you think "could it be like this ?". It is a QUESTION, not a statement. So, what you do is, to learn more about the subject in order to test your thesis, your theory... and be honest about it, to observe if the observations are supporting your theory, or if the evidence is speaking against your original idea.

Some call it "Conspiracy Theory" - but in essence - WE ALL DO IT:


The Starting point on everything:

Whether the scientist or the girl who has a hunch that her partner might be unfaithful, living a double life. We get thoughts and ideas - but there are in essence QUESTIONS - and we often make he premature mistake of taking them for answers. That I believe can create a lot of confusion, pain and sorrow. Not that any of that would be all bad - but it is like overloading yourself with the kind of pain, that taps into a much darker realm, feeding off your energies. Think: The repeating CD, playing over and over and over the same situation... just giving this constant suffering negative feedback look. That kind of pain - is often self inflicted - and with help of darker realms - providing a sort of spiritual feeding ground. On you.

The genuine pain is different. It is the honest pain that one feels, without raving like a bitch from hell. The kind of paint, that the heart sometimes aches with. And then you deal with it. One step at the time.


So - if we are stable enough

with honesty, trying to follow up and observe the evidence - in order to be able to categorize them - in order to see if the results are matching the theory, of if not. WE do not need to decide what things are. We may have our hunches, our clues, our suspicion. But as long you rule it, instead of it rules you - you can investigate. Only deep honestly will reveal the answers to your questions.

If darker emotions interfere, the information will get corrupted - and become useless - and rather serving your ego, where you go it's errands. Hurting yourself, hurting other people. It is not about avoiding or eliminating negative emotions. It is about to observe yourself, to understand the underpinnings of those rising in you - where it is coming from - because there is always a dog buried under the ground, when we go into a strong spin.

It's easy. And it is not easy, at the same time. And who needs easy, anyway ? We don't need a silver platter - because who grows from getting everything served in life ?

It is a natural intuitive process.

Unfortunately we are sometimes acting like stupid beings - have been tricked into using the word "Conspiracy Theory" (tinfoil hat), castrating each other in order to "collect points" (whose currency is totally worthless, just to add a thought). At the same time we are indulging into dark powers, while our ego steals energy, from yourself, and by stealing it from others. Telling them what to think / not to think.

The price for the ego, to stay on top, then becomes more important - as we play the dark game of cutting each other to shreds in the process.

Instead of LISTENING, ASKING QUESTIONS, and stay calm and focused in our way how we concentrate your minds, emotions and whereabouts to find the truth. Truth in the sense of wanting to come closer to what could, would or is mirroring honest whereabouts behind the mirrors of disinformation.


No closed doors, neither wide open nor totally shut.

Back then, it as really new to me ("Bringers of the Dawn" - and I wasn't sure what to believe. (But thought, I do not have to believe anything - so said, I have to decide. That gave my mind a different mindset.

What did happens was an unusual amount of internal journeys. Like an observer travelling though my own timeline - looking at many situations. Most often something connected showed up (dependent on what I read).

So, the book literally pushed lots of buttons, which made my mind follow the paths of my soul - and bring forth lots of valuable information - from a personal perspective, parallel to what I read in the book "Bringers of the Damn".

I never finished the book, because when came the spontaneous travel I made on 4th of March 2020, going to my beloved al in Sicily - and got stuck 5 weeks in Sicily - because of that stupid lockdown. And that definitely put me on a totally different path, almost immediately - trying to figure out the deeper whereabouts of the so called "Corona Crisis" or "Pandemic". And I was spot on, on the right path from the very beginning - back there in March 2020 in Sicily. Both form a medical point of view, as well political/conspiratorially perspective - I knew by instinct, deeply - that what just unfolded was anything but the truth.

Today - 1 year later - almost everything I suspected - has later been revealed and confirmed - though what has grown into the largest Panel of Investigation of the truth behind the Global Plandemic - by the Outer Parlimentarian Investigative Corona Committee in Berlin - is confirmed. What is going on right now, is the biggest scam and crime against Humanity.

With the huge difference: the details ! That what has come out at the Corona committee in Berlin, is way more sinister, planned and chillingly psychopathically planned for a long time. The globally committed crimes, though almost all nations and Gov's - which are revealed at the Corona Committee in Berlin - are absolutely staggering !

Now I have come off the main subject, but I guess that is Ok for being my personal Diary. You see, when I write here these days, I have no inner connection to anyone. I do not know how reads it, who likes it, who dislikes it - nor anything. It is for me like writing to a lonely wall. So, it is writing for myself. But I would in a way, prefer that inner psychological-telepathic-emphatic connection with other people.

Why ?

Well, because to be really honest - I do like when my persona/ego and my soul, have some frames, when writing. Because when I only write "for myself" - I can loose it, bitch, or get lost. And white that may be all nice and dandy (or not), it is still more or less a space bubble. An isolated confinement. It does nothing. It is nothing. It is just my personality acting in a mirror.

But whenever I feel connected - deeply from within - with other people - interesting dynamics emerge in me. And I do not just shoot out blindly. I can't speak for others - but in me - the dynamics are quite different. I do not indulge into "being liked". But i sense a strong moderation in me, when I write while feeling connected with other people. And i like that very much - because it also balances the different parts in me; soul / ego / personality / "predator" / higher Self.

I have never honestly seen a true growth in only indulging into self monologs, or writing to a wall, or when writing to others, trying them to "like me" in order to gain power (energy).

I've always love the thought of unifying, growing connections across borders, as an energy from within. At the same time, I am also learning to apprechiate the different opinions (I hope i honestly do), as well different characters. And I am still learning...

The bits and pieces of others, inspire me/you to grow.

Where you share honest experiences and reflections with others. And not always firing up the bad wolf in you, creating more fire, until the whole fucking forest burns down. (mob mentality) That's like fueling each others Ego and "ghosts" with the the outcome of that you enhance each others lower personalities; the inferiors which dwell in everyone one of us here in this Serve-to-Self (STS) "3D" realm called earth.

Like an increased negative feedback-loop, feeding itself. Eventually also devouring itself, like the Ouroboros  snake, eating its tail, it's own creation.

- 9 -