Silver to Black

I had purchased the Olympus M.Zuiko 12mm f 2.0 ED lens (24 mm equivalent on fullframe) in silver, for 500€ (normal price 670 €) - but it turned out to be a faulty lens. It almost always would slightly front foucs - gave micro details a rather soft appereance - but not totally "unsharp" if you looked at the whole image. But the details were just not there... Often on a place in front of the subject...

Not that much that you would immediately realize it. It looks more like a lens you don't really get impressed of it's optic performance. (Which at times has been said about the Olympus 12/2 lens - which I am sure was because of this issue in AF inside the lens)

Neither sharp in details nor totallt blurry. Kind of "in he middle". And it would be a bit erratic about the focus, too (sometimes in focus-ish, and sometimes not). Most of the time, the silver lens would focus on Sal's face like in the left example (100% pixel size). So, I had to focus on the background or on his ears, in order to get his front face sharp. Then it worked. But who wants to work like that ?!

That is a no go for an AF lens in my book.




Back to the store...

So, after 3 days, I went back to the store. Which was nice, because I ordered over the internet from there - and therefore was able to go there in person, to get it exchanged. However, I decided both against repair nor would I choose another silter lens version. I chose the black version (600€) by paying 100 € cash. My thinking was this - that the black lens was of later date, released around 2 years later (2014)

If Olympus (possibily) got aware of the prone errors in AF with the early 12mm lens - then perhaps they fixed it. But at the same time, I do not know - and it is a weak argument. Nevertheless, I did choose the black version.


Front focus on both cameras

the earlier silver lens front focussed on my old Olympus EM5 camera from 2012, as it did on my newer EM1X camera). At the stpre when they tested my lens with an Olympus EM1 MArk II, the difference was not as pronounced. The sller felt it is spot on - albeit when I did images, I did see the tendency indeed. I knew the lens was faulty. I also did my research about it - and it is not the first time, that the Olympus 12mm lens can have inherent AF errors (which makes it appear as a not very sharp lens - but it is supposed to be at least as sharp as the tiny pancake Panasonic G 14/2.5 lens). When it is not - then something is off. People then thought this was because it was underperforming. But in reality, it is because of an inherent AF lens error.

Guess what ?




If that is because it is a later version, or because it is doing exactly what it was supposed to do - e.g. focusing correctly - I do not know. But the important thing is, that it does focusing perfectly. Which means, all of the sudden the center sharpness is crisp in the fine details - and the focus sits perfect when focused at infinity, too.

Those are the main and most important criteria in any lens. It just has to focus correctly - otherwise you waste your money. Especially given that this lens has a bit brighter ƒ2.0 aperture - you would totally waste this, if the lens front focuses - because in order to get good sharpness, you have to stop down to ƒ 4.0 to get there. So, the mushy ƒ 2.0 and the money for such a lens, are wasted.

Anyway -  it works now. As well that it is conventional black, sticking out less...





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