Laowa Ultra Wideangle

This is a brand new lens just introduced by Laowa, for Micro Four Third, the D-Zero 10mm f 2.0 lens, equivalent to that of a very wide 20 mm lens on a fullframe camera.



It is really good.

But it also has it's perks. One of them, I really don't like - and that is that the extreme corners all go towards cyan-greenish. It reminds me of uncoded lenses on a Leica M9 camera. But this phenomena also occurs on Sony Alpha cameras with certain wide lenses, if the lens itself isn't optically corrected for the corner color shifts.

So, having to do correct this manually in photoshop/Camera RAW which is a bit of a hassle and can lead to somewhat uneven images (on very monotone large surfaces - you have to work harder) On the other hand, it is a very sharp lens, extremely small, and a lot to like, including the price of 360 € + 30 € tax. An extreme attractive price. Remember it is a manual lens

When I use this lens in Black & White - it truly shines. Well because I do not have to deal with the color tins in the corners. But Black & White for street photography is very intersting - and I am not hesitant to use this lens for it. The bright aperture ƒ2.0 is also to my liking, being brighter than normal - which is good for astro photography.

Note however, that when you use this lens wide open - it vinjetts pretty strongly ! The EXIF is transferred, and the aperture is electronically controlled though the camera. Which makes a funny buzzing noise, but I do not mind.

The lens can flare with decreased contrast in subjects that stand in front of the sun - so it can lead to somewhat flatter images when you lift the shadows.

The lens is almost distortion free, which is a wonderful thing !











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