The many Dualities of Face Masks

It sounds so innocent, doesn't it ? I mean, you put some layers of paper, cloths or similar in front of your nose and face - and that's about it. You would never even remotely think, that it has any health issues. I didn't. I mean, i just didn't have any knowledge what so ever. If "doctors and nurses can do it - we can do it, too"

You know how the thinking goes. I fact, it doesn't go at all - because most of the time, in areas we do not have any knowledge, we "think" on automatic. It is like a "logic" of its own - but in truth - it is rarely based on knowledge. It's more like "what feels right", or by "logic feels acceptable".

Nevertheless - the issues with face masks, is grave in terms of especially hidden changes in the functions of the body, how those are altered. I simply had no idea 1 year ago, of the severity carrying a mask has on the human body. And on children ? it is a direct danger to they health - and I mean serious danger !

Children are not small human beings. They physiology is different. Their bodies work different then that of an adult. Their capacity to breathe is shallow - and wearing a face mask for many hours - has dire consequences in terms of acute acidosis.

No wonder, that Doctor from Germany whose video went viral, out of despair cried, when 3 children had died from wearing a face mask. 3 children died in one week in Germany ! Because the last child, was related to him as a doctor. So, he really called in question... those face diapers.


The "Good" and the "Bad" ones

The cynical in today's society is, that because most people quietly accept, or even welcome the wearing of face masks - any criticism about such - are looked at, as if you are some crazy, or annoying fuzzing person. It means, people do not think any further then that (though a veil of thoughts, that makes them believe, they've done their home work - and that they are at the right spot, and know what is needed to know) - so the majority of minds, people like you, I, theirs,, friends, family, buddies... have already decided, which side is the "good" one, and which is the "bad" one (or denying one). Then you have a large number of who "just don't want to handle to think about it". By simply avoiding to think about any of it. (and likely take the jabs/shots)

It is not medicine. It is not science. Also Consensus, a general agreement of "the truth" - is definitely not science.


Do we ever see it coming ?

As human beings, we have this far failed miserably. So, people did not see when things started to mount, when the Nazi regime started to roll out. And people do not want to see it 85 years later - when the Nazi Medical regime is rolled out - always dividing between "the good people", and the "bad people". Those who are in the safe zone, and those that are the endangering ones. The one who do not wear masks, the ones who do not wish to get injected with experimental genetic injections, which are publicly falsely called "Vaccines", and touted out as being safe.

Without even checking the data behind, not even the homepage of those so called "vaccine" companies... Because they are not quite as bold as the media is taking care of the puppies called "vaccines", being safe and sound, being the best you can get to "protect" yourself from a disease... which 99.85% of the world population survive.


An experimental genetic injection

called "vaccine" which does not give immunity, does not protect from Covid, does not even hinder spreading of what they call Covid. All it is said to possibily do, is to dampen the medium characteristics of "covid". THat's all. It also does not prevent deaths from "covid".

But there always have been medicine, that does prevent it. How come it isn ever mentioned ? How come they are alays down played. How come, that info even leads to disabled facebook and Twitter and Youtube accounts ? How can substances who got discovered to be vital for the huma nbody, got the Nobel prize, and yet in 2020-2021, lead to disabling almost all information about it ?

How is that even possible ? How can you not see ?


Makes all sense ? For whom ?

So, with all that - what the heck are the genetic "Vaccine" Injections for ? And why sudden for the whole whoppen world with 7 Billion people, so earger to get jabs to all ? It sounds like a Black Death disease, would require such an world wide effort. But a disese in which 99.85% survive... and whre medicine for 100% survivla exists - why would you want to inject the whole world, 7 Billion people, with an experimental, genetic injections ? Based on genetic technology which never ever has been approved or nor been allowed to be used on humans (until EU changed the laws quietly on 17 July 2020).

Just like that.

And why do you have to change the blueprint of the human cell's protein productions ?! You need to understand, THOSE CHANGES - there is NO COMING BACK FROM IT.

The alteration caused by the experimental, genetic "vaccine" injections - can never be reverted, never be made undone. The changes stay for ever. With possible risk, that mating - also can create that children have the defects inhereted. Even sterilisation is possible, that when a "vaccinated" man mates with his women, she becomes infertile, too. And/or the other way around.

Any damage, out of billion possibilities within the fine tuned genetic protein machinery within our human cells - and we got plenty of those - can trigger unforeseen changes and effects. Which can not be reverted. If something goes wrong - you are on your own. And your insurance company will NOT cover you. Why ? Because they are experimental "vaccines" and hold that status officially (albeit under different name in a way that is not so in your face). But the results is the same: They exempt you from getting coverage, if something goes wrong.

Cool isn't it ?

I don't think so.

- 15 -