At the threshold of Spring

Thanks to very mild air, which resides within a large area in Western and Middle Europe, and even reaches up to Sweden, but only to a line at the height of Stockholm.

And thanks to few clouds, it is enough to make the temperatures rise. Only 200 km from my place in the SW at Norrköping SMHI the temperatures had risen to 19.3°C, and Oxelösund even 19.7°C.

While in Stockholm City almost 13.8°C, and in Tullinge 15.2°C, Berga Mo even 17.1° which lies only 15 km south of where I live (and is close to the ice cold sea) I had at the most around 13.5°C.

Stockholm is on the slightly cooler side of this front zone. But it is thanks to the few clouds, still a lot milder than "normal". (In springtime in Scandinavia, you only need the sun to shine - and the temperatures will immediately go much higher than "normal"). This is typical Scandinavian Springtime. Which isn't glossy or spectaculair in numbers. More like discreet - yet it can be felt by the people - those who are still have a sense, feeling outside of their bubble.

Standing at the balcony feels... wonderful. Even Tekki likes it out there at the balcony. Perhaps it has more to do with food, when I think about it. Sal had made a big pot of food for her - and now it needs to cool down. I believe that is what made Tekki readily wanting to stay at the balcony *LOL*

Short visit, replaced by cold air

Last night was already very mild with temperatures around 8-9°C, clearly distinguishing itself from the previous cooler nights. But very soon, this charming mild bubble will be gone, as the cold air is expected to push down over Sweden, generating both sunshine, but also much colder nights (down to freezing temperatures).

This transition should take place tomorrow when the coldfront still lies in the vicinity of Stockholm, but then get's quickly pushed southwards, pushing away the mild air. Then a broad stream of chilly air from the NW is flowing over Scandinavia, and further into to Middle and East Europe. The good thing about this is, or should be, that with a flow coming from the Northwest, the air has to go over the Norwegian mountain chain - and that usually dries the air out - and the sun can easily shine over Stockholm.


Unsteady and Cooler

After that however, we should go into an unsteady period of cyclones, clouds, rain and perhaps even a few snow flakes, but unsteady, and likely more clouds than sunshine. It will feel more like a gloomy (?) start of April, possibly the typical "april-April" weather, changing constantly. Temperatures barely reaching 10°C, but then later towards mid April, at or below 5°C during daytime. That would be sensitive cold ! But on the other side, always take prognosis longer than 4 days, with a gain of salt.

And April-April, does what it wants.


- 18 -