Mamiya 6 Rangefinder Adjustment

I should have done this a long time ago. The Mamiya 6 MF always gave me problems - and one of the issues are the backfocus in images, always around 7 cm - which in portraits is very obvious. As the eyes are never really bitingly sharp (given how good the Mamiya 6 optics are) but you never got that awesome signature...

Anyway. Today I fiddled around with the screws inside, and the raised small screw to the right (inside the covered hole on the backside), I moved it ever so slightly to the left, about 1/16th of a whole circle. So, perhaps this will do it. Perhaps it will not. I have to take some sample shots of Sal, and see how it turns out. And then continue to test it.

I am not really super devoted in such things, and tend to be a bit sloppy. On top, my eye sight is a bit funky, so I constantly have to switch glasses in order to see in the distance vs close (the camera settings). Bla bla bla. It's just little whiny stuff, not really worth to write about.

Anyway - I will do tests - and then I have to develop the films. Which is a bout time, because the film that have been waiting for development are now 3 years old. How time flies when thinking in certain terms....



Sal the Bandit

Strange sexiness. I love the photo of Sal, because he looks different - and has a strange look which I find to be sexy in a "silly" way. A mix of sexiness, handsome, "silly" and Farmer guy type of look...

Mmmmmm !

It is time to make new Mamiya 6 photos... The Above one of Sal, was made with the Mamiya C330s, so it isn't the same camera, albeit both share the typical 6x6 negtive format


Mamiya 6 images

Let's see which images I can find, that I took with the Mamiya 6 camera though the years.

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