When I go by buss across the whole city, from Vällingby via Central Station to Rågsved in the middle of the night, i switch buss at the central station. But it is an area which always feels a bit funky to my senses. I tend to avoid to make images there with a bigger camera - so they often stay in my backpack.

However, with a (in comparison) tiny camera like the iPhone 13 Pro Max - plus how common it is with people lifting their phones to make images - nobody raises an eyebrow. So, I shoot away with a much lighter heart.

Like the ugly place it is, which you can see in the main photo. The surrounding area of Central Station has always been UGLY as long as I can remember since I moved to Stockholm in 1984. Back then, it looked very different - but equally ugly. Then they remade the whole thing - and again, so ugly. Kind of like a construct made for offices, not for living people. It has very little warmth in look and shapes. It just feels... off and ugly.

Did you know that almost ever village and town in Stockholm got their city cores ripped out, and rebuilt with stereotype, ugly centers ? Those were the 60s and 70s in Sweden. They destroyed so much of the culture, the place where real people lived for long times - and turned it into some kind of DDR style of town centers. Blocky. Ugly. Gray. Impersonal.

Welcome to Sweden. The social experiment. Like a mistreated abused child, who lost it's past, but not it's memories of a time that once was.

I am surprized that they didn't destroy the Gamla stan, the Old town. That's perhaps one of the few remains showing a time long gone.

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