It is corruption at highest levels

and that includes not just the United States of America, but most of the worlds countries who eagerly, ferociously, deliberately misinformed as well (partially) forcibly subjected the people into taking the experimental non-fully approved Covid-19 "Vaccines", which are no vaccines, but experimental genetic injections, altering the natural body's function in so many ways - that it makes your head spin.

The data is there. It is just not disclosed to the public - but it is all there - and daily more and more if finally coming to light, how devastating the effects are on the worlds population. It is one if not the biggest Crimes on Humanity, on a Global Scale.


You laugh.

But the numbers tell a very different story from the public narrative everyone is so eager to defend. Luckily the whole sham is coming more and more into the light, as well starts sinking into the ranks of higher juridical instances - which means; those judges who still are doing their job in courts !


Failed state of Germany - a Banana Republic

Germany on the other hand has utterly failed in that regard, and must be considered to be a failed states, given that the courts of Germany, have been subjected to criminal corruption almost everywhere. Same goes for Italy.


US Senator Ron Johnson
The Covid 19 - Second Opinion Panel Discussion

I don't know the proper name for such a gathering, together with US Senator Ron Johnson - is as of this date, perhaps the highest level discussion we so far ever have seen revolving Covid-19. You do not hear that in the media - ever. You never hear that from anywhere else in politics or Health authorities and Agencies.

But it is a phenomenal with the most distinguished people in health you can imagine - coming together, giving fact to how severe, deep, litterally evil corruption is and has been going on for 2 years (and a lot longer then that, including revolving vaccines. Now the consequences are starting to come out, with lockdowns, masks, mandates, Covid-19 injections damages and and deaths, as well highly worrisome illnesses which are acellerating in a never seen before level among the billions of people who have been foiled into the grim game of experimental, human genetic altering Covid-19 injections.

It is a 5 hour composium - and it is among the best I have ever listened to - as well it is playing on a highly professional level. What comes together here - is as good as you ever heard this far. The good thing also that everything said is registered in protocols publicly.

- 27 -