Two years. What must being the strangest of times in recently modern history - albeit it is dependent in which country you live, I may add. Because for people who went through the NATO induced Bosnian War in the mid 90, I doubt Corona can trump that. I mean war is war - and i doubt there is anything worse then that.

Corona is a different war - but a global world war nevertheless. In which the weapons are global propaganda, vast infiltration in most governments replaced with people having ties with Big Pharma, Claus Schwab's World Economical Forum, with it's puppets coming from the Forum of Young Global Leaders, which today "surprisingly" are people who lead political parties, NGO's and many of them today/recently leading countries in the position as Prime Ministers. See Canada (Trudeau), New Zealand (Ardern), Germany (Merkel), France (Macron), Hungary (Orban), etc.

All coincidences, huh ?

It is funny that those in the WEF program, also happen to be prime Ministers today - and the among the worst of them all, with nazi-like stringent response to the Corona Plandemic hammering down onto and into their citizens.

It's been two years, and 4 billion people have been jabbed with experimental, genetic injections. I say deliberately not "gene therapies" - because a Gene Therapy is a therapy to "heal" people from a damage. And that is certainly not the case with genetic Covid-19 injections given to healthy people !!

Israel, who now also injected their people with the fourth injection - have among the very highest cases of hospitalizations. Where even the mild omicron*** variant, created huge amount of illness and hospitalization. Medical papers have shown, that for every additional injection - the immune system is so compromised, that you are vulnerable for many diseases, and all kinds of virus, as well.



isn't even related to the so called SARS-Cov-2 Alpha "Wuhan" variant. The Omicron variant has vastly changed genetics, due to 32 mutations - which makes it an "ideal" way for people to get natural immunity (if not injected with Covid-19 injections), because the spike-protein doesn't bind well to the human ACE-2 receptors.

The family tree looks very different for the Omicron variant, and suggests that it is not even related to the previous variants. It appears to have an origin derivated from corona virus before year 2019 ! So, in essence, the Omicron Variant is a mild flu corona virus. As simple as that. As in every flu winter period, Corona Viruses are always part of flu waves up to 10-15%, together with other flu viruses.

But the hysteria goes on.

Omicron has shown that it infects all people, no matter of they got injected or not. But the protection of unvaccinated people is vastly superior and stable. Natural immunity has always been the best way for people to get immunized.

What the corrupted World Health Organization changed the definition of "heard immunity" now only can be accomplished with "vaccination". Well, vaccination didn't do shit in terms of "immunity". Because genetic injections never can immunize anything. But they destroy your immune system over time, and the increase of neurological are immense. Not to mention of infertility, damages and deaths due to the "vaccine" programming of artificial spike proteins in our body, which IS THE VERY TOXIC PATHOGEN that never, ever should be present in our blood stream.

But that exactly are the genetic injections doing; by inducing 40+ Trillion artificial spike proteins in the blood stream, attaching to many organs in the body, while our immune system will destroy the cells, that have those spike proteins attached to human cells.

So, what do you think happens to a heart filled with spike proteins ? The immune system sends out an army of killer cells, killing off heart cells.

Which never can get replaced !

No wonder a huge amounts of sport people are falling down dead, as well many getting Myocarditis and others heart related issues - destroying their professions.

It is a genocide, a World War with very different weapons.

And we supported that shit, by supporting the faulty, deeply flawed and criminal narrative of Covid-19 the way it is taught officially in the news, from Health authorities and shit-dump politicians, who gladly play along as puppets for sinister agendas. Yes, several agendas, not just one.

Such as Gene Drive, soon coming to your theatre. It is a chic word for manipulation of human genetics and the control of genes, favoring certain characteristics in humans (as well to suppress). Infertility is not a subjects, and the technology now exists and has matured in the labs. All ready, nothing new.

Except for the public which is always held in darkness and ignorance.


If you are interested to see studies

and analysis of many severe consequences from Covid-19 Injections (often leading to death or severe damages in many cases), you can look at Telegram Channel Dr John B. He outlines endless many cases, what happened after injections in the people - together with X-rays and other images showing what happened in the brains, lungs, hearts, etc - creating severe damages in people.


It is a very sobering sight

but you get access to the professional analysis for every single case.

Here a few examples... In every picture below, when you click on it, it will lead you to the case study directly. Dr John B lists hundreds of cases...

So, tell me - who is the tinfoil hat ? People who just look at,, and SvD, SVT television (Sweden), or those who actually study the cases, of what really is going on ?


Europe Jan 2022: 38.000 deaths, 3.4 million damages

As I said - the cases below are just a very few out of huge amounts of cases. The latest EMA's Eudra Virgilance Database for Vaccine damages and deaths is now, mid January 2022 following: 38.000 people died from Covid-19 Injections. And 3.4 million damages are registered officially in Europe.

The real, unreported numbers however, are many times more.

People who ignore this, should be deeply ashamed.
And yet, I am sure, people who don't want to hear anything about it - don't really care, either. As the jab worked for them (not having any issues), then it is all fine for all others - so it must be a good thing helping saving people (What a way to judge things). It is funny - how we accept 38.000 deaths from the jabs, and extreme 3.3 million damages in Europe - just so that you can keep a good nights sleep, and ignore it all.

Is civilization and humanity just millimeter thin deep ?


Now we know. Or do we ?

Just wow. Well, now we know, why the Nazi's where so successful. History repeats itself through the Nazi's ancestors new take for 2020-2022. And we applause, while closing our eyes, our mouths and ears - while hating those who actually trying to point at something very important in which millions of people get damaged through experimental injections: That that what is going on - is deeply criminal and marks an ongoing Genocide, which is actively supported by our own Governments


Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis can also happen later than 24 days after Covidvaccination: Here is a case with a latency of 53 days! The VITT diagnostic criteria must be adapted


Leukocytoclastic vasculitis (cutaneous small-vessel vasculitis) after CovidVaccination (AstraZeneca)


Hypermetabolic abdominal and cervical lymph nodes mimicking Hodgkin lymphoma relapse on FDG PET/CT after CovidVaccination (AstraZeneca)


A case of facemask-induced irritant contact dermatitis & bacterial superinfection (Streptococcus agalactiae):



Case of 26-year-old man. "The patient was a medical professional"
Later he developed a "post-traumatic stress disorder-like depression which can occur as an adverse complication of the vaccine"



Case of 26-year-old man. "The patient was a medical professional"

Later he developed a "post-traumatic stress disorder-like depression which can occur as an adverse complication of the vaccine"



Cerebral arterial & venous thrombosis
due to COVID-19 vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia Case of a 51-year-old woman. - "Thromboses due to VITT can progress rapidly to involve cerebral arteries and venous sinuses ..."



Anti-leucine rich glioma inactivated 1 (LGI1) autoimmune encephalitis (AE) following Covid Vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech, 2nd dose)
- Case of a 48-year-old man
⇒ Rapidly progressive cognitive decline & hyponatremia



Bilateral acute macular neuroretinopathy after Covid Vaccination (AstraZeneca, 1st dose):
Case of a 25-year-old woman. - "Physicians should be aware of this complication ..."



Refractory longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis after Covid Vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech): - A case of a 75-year-old man. - "Although he was treated with steroid therapy and
plasma exchange, his recovery was limited, and severe sequelae remained."

Multiple sclerosis after Covid Vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech, 2nd dose): • A case of a 40-year-old woman.



Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with severe thrombocytopenia after Covid Vaccination (J&J):
A 35-year-old woman.
She died.


3.4 Million injuries in Europe

As I earlier pointed out ... there are millions of cases due to experimental genetic Covid-19 injections.

- 28 -