The question of quality is ultimately... what do you/I use the results for ? What is the aim, the goal, the purpose of scanning negatives ?

In that regard, I already have enough of tool to get good results - for my OnMyMind Diary here. I mean, once the images is cleaned up and corrected, it will be made smaller to fit into these pages. Then I can do another round of cleaning up, noise reduction, sharpening and whatever is required - and the results are almost always very good once they are here, in my Diary.


So, why all the 'hunt' ?

I guess, it is a mix of that I would like more stable results in colors. That when I make a batch of let's say 50 color negatives scanned with a digital camera - I would like to get near enough good results. Good enough to work further with them, so they look "real". In colors, in contrast, in the way they appear. I like quality. I have always loved quality.

Luckily I am not doing exhibition or book prints or anything like that. it would be a lot more difficult to get the quality up to a level that even satisfies that kind high level. My time of going into the darkroom in order to make color prints - is over. That I know.


Still able to make BW prints in the darkroom

With black & white prints, I have not made up my mind yet.

As of now, it is still all possible for me to do in the darkroom, whether 35mm negatives, 6x6 or even 4x5 inch large negatives. I can still make prints of them all, at any time in a real, traditional darkroom. (my bedroom *LOL*).


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