I got better results as follow:

LED panel
EOS R Camera color balance: 5000°K
+ added physical Cokin P050 cyan filter

That gave me something that I could work with (after using Grain2Pixel software, a script for Photoshop). Without the Cokin P050 cyan filter, I got extremly blue and blue-cyan-green images, which I could do nothing with. (The question now is, can the filter be dial into the camera instead of using a physical one. How are the individual color channels affected ?) I don't know.


Easier to correct just all manually

I also noticed additionally, that the images where easier to correct just manually in Photoshop, without any Grain2Pixel software... It appears to me as if I am on the right way. Overall, the color negatives need rather cold light in order to counteract the orange mask - not warmer light.

But I still prefer the Kaiser, because it's light source in it's spectrum is much more clean (purer colors), compared to the much colder Huion light panel.


A note however

The motives themselves can be source of trouble later: a lake with mainly bluish light, with a distant thunderstorm glowing a little bit orange. So, the motiv in itself is a bit tricky, too - because it mainly made up of bluish, greenish tones. Plus that it has been 22 years I made those... How was the light color really back then ?

All that too, plays in.

I believe more monochrome images are always more tricky. A person in front of a red background, for example. Or something else with a very strong color - might confuse automatic software in it's calculations.

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