I seem to get better images now - but the work is SLOW. The combination of fine tuning color balance, as well doing local manual corrections where the negatives are darker (in the corners), but also tend to color shift especially at the corners of the negatives.... and additionally there are plenty of dust particles...

It all requires a lot of time until you get splendid results. (But then there are really beautiful)

It definitely takes a longer time compared to when I use the Epson V750 (which I use in RAW mode, so dust removal is disabled), but noise and dust get a bit more blurred, and less visible. ON the other hand, the way I handle negatives in the Epson V750 - I often get other kinds of blotchy particles into the image. And the images ain't are as sharp.

So, there is always something that doesn't match up.

Anyway. I seem to get better results when I simply do my own corrections in Photoshop, without the Pixel2Grain script software for Photoshop.

Nevertheless - the image above i think turned out beautifully. I mean it is as close as it can get, the way it was back then, in July 2000. Preliminary I can say - yes - now I can make scans from color negatives WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA.

Even if that too, takes a lot of time - it is now possible and I seem to get better results. I hope it stays that way *LOL and rolling my eyes*

Gosh, so much fuzz about nothing, right ? I mean these kind of writings must be totally uninspiring and uninteresting ? I can only apologize myself by saying - well - It's my personal diary. My isolated, fucking lonely island in the middle of nowhere in cyberspace. Also; writing a diary with fuzzy personal details, is so not interesting for 99.9999% of the population today.Like the lake, somewhere in the northeast of Stockholm located in the middle of Nowhere. I don't even know what it's names was. But it was beautiful to be there. Very tranquil.


22 years ago - Internet & People's interest

It was very different back then in year 2000. People where very interested in personal Diaries, and often said, it felt strange to read someone else's diary, so open and everything.

Well, that was back then. Then we all got super busy, and started to crave fast food, once we were used with fast scrolling. And so it all went backwards, from quality into quantity. From genuine curiosity to stuffed boredom and search of kicks.

We humans, the way we let us deceive by free will, we are surely a strange species, in the best as well in the worst meaning.

- 32 -