It is one example out of thousands young ones, getting severely damages, or suddenly die after receiving the experimental genetic injections known under the name "covid-19 Vaccines".

The problem however is, that this is honestly, not a rare event at all. It is also absolutely not normal that many young children as well teenagers and young people get heart attacks, heart inflammations and keel over dead "just like that".  Any one who is telling you, that that is normal - is a liar. When you look at the rapid deaths occurring among elite sport people, it is staggering - as it has never happened in human history that so many elite sport people have died like in the past 12 months.

Never. Ever !

See below the TV snippet about George Watts Jr, 24 years of age.



EU has a database over Vaccine injuries (EMA, European Medicine Agency) called EudraVigilance database. On 15 January 2022, the deaths from Covid-19 Vaccines, where a shocking 37.924


And just like that...

On 31 January 2022, somebody fiddled with the database, as the deaths were reduced to under 22.000 deaths. (Notice that this happened also in the VEARS in the US, in which 150.000 cases where silently removed)

This is how our criminals work. The EMA - European Medicine Agency - is lead by a longtime Big Pharma Lobby person, which was put into position in Summer 2020.

How convenient.

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