When scanned, it reminds me (at times) more of an ISO 1000 film in terms of graininess. I feel that the grain is absolutely terrible - far too coarse for an ISO 200 film.

The rumor has it, that Fuji repackages Kodak VR 200 film. That is an old emulsion formula from the 80s, before Kodak Kodacolor Gold 100 came along and made a huge splash in terms of high quality and color vibrancy. The VR emulsions where kind of dull...

Fuji is a mess in terms of legacy. They have almost entirely gotten rid of their analog films. And repackaging Kodak Vr film as Fuji 200 film is just bad, bad taste. Well, you know how it goes... the FUCKING globalism, which gives birth to such idiotic things. Fool me one, Fool me twice.


My Fujicolor C-200 are aged, though

I bought them back in 2016 (?) i believe, and have kept them in a freezer. It may (or may not) altered the quality. Then I also don't know, how chemicals (C-41) affect film developing. There is always the possibility that these things do come into play, of course. I had the exposed rolls frozen for 2 years - and I believe that increased the grain somewhat.

Still - I don't really like the Fuji C-200 film. There is something off about it. I paid as little as 2.50 Euro for a roll - so it was extremely cheap. Today they want 6 €. In that case, I must confess - better go for the professional color negative films, even if they cost more like 10-12 € today.


Another try

I will try to scan this image with a digital camera and the new Kaiser Slimlite plano light source - just to see how it turns out. (it will not change the graininess, though). The image above was scanned with the dedicated film scanner Canon Canoscan FS 4000 US - without using software to diminish the grain (noise).


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