To be honest, I feel like I am almost at step one as I was before. Many of the color negatives I am trying to scan - turn out... not really that good. I do have enough knowledge how to fix and tricking and screw around with the color channels in order to make the final results look "so la lá" ok to the eye. But the results are many times no really that great, not matter which technique I use. Whether it is a digital camera, or a flatbed scanner... this or that software...

I have to put major efforts in almost every color negative (-> positive image) in order to get it right. It is a pity. Maybe I am thinking wrong ? or expect too much ? I also notice that I do have a lot of color negatives with difficult lighting conditions; mixed light between tungsten and daylight, and such things. Which makes it a lot more difficult to "get it right".


Degrading quality alreay after 2 decades

I am also a bit worried about the color negative quality after "only" 19 years, don't seem to be that great... (additionally I develop my color films manually - which can contribute to additional problems, like color shifts between shadow and highlight). So, there are so many sources where you get get it wrong, or have gotten it wrong - that in the end I don't really know any universal solution.

Nevertheless. Those color negatives I first scanned with the digital camera, and later again with the Epson V750 flatbed scanner - both usually showed difficulties in both cases. So, at least both techniques resulted into similar problems. It was neither one or the other one to be faulted.


The most catastrophic film

were the German AGFA COLOR films. Basically of of my negatives from the ned of the 80s, are severely degraded - impossible to get color correct when scanning in 2022. A very strong dissapointment, I must say (and it didn't matter if the store developed them, or I developed them myself later in the 90s).  Same shit !


Slidefilm holds better against time ? I think so...

I am almost ready to say - that SLIDEFILM is perhaps a much wiser way to take photos, because they seem to last longer. But do I really want to use slide film ? The chemicals are expensive, last "ultra short time", and the film is highly expensive, more like 20-22 €.


My future with (analog) color film

Ultimately, I will continue to use the color negatives films I still have - and then likely end the whole thing in the future (unless I use a tolerant film like Kodak Portra 400, and Kodak Portra 160). Everything else in color work, will be solely digital. I see no true future (for me) to use C-41 color negative film, nor E-6 slide film.

so, I will be mainly busy with bringing all the old color negatives into the era of digital images, by scanning them. Whoopie... *sniffle*


1500 color negatives scanned

Boy what I a project I have thrown myself into. As of the past 1 1/2 months, I have scanned 1500 color negatives.


- 36 -