Yes, not everything is lost. Given that i am using these images in my Diary, I do have a lot of "margins", when it comes to finalize a photo - and making it nice for the naked eye. I notice for example, that when you give your scanned images a bit of time - you will see what you need to do in order to notch it towards becoming even better (better colors, etc). It means, not everything is lost.

The above two images are examples, which are interesting-ish. Better than I thought - and it took a while to get it to where they are now. When I had a break, i realize later that - Oh, i have to add a little bit warmer colors, or a little bit more magenta. Or to make the shadow areas darker. Things like that.

And if all strings break...


Last resort: Color into Black & White

I turn the image into a black & White image. Curiously, there is absolutely no problem what so ever, to scan color negatives with a digital camera - turning them into black & white images. It really works very well. And that is a good thing, I believe.


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