It is fascinating, how the landscape, or better said; outlook - has changed at our balcony. I mean within the radius of 300 meter where I live, they have built 7 apartment blocks during the recent years. It is like super concentrated if you think about it, that it all happened right in that 300 meter radius where I live.

So, my original outlook from our balcony 12 years ago, with mainly just trees everywhere in sight - has changed completely. Photographically it isn't pretty anymore (it isn't ugly either, but photographically the only trees view, is spoiled of course) The buildings are not ugly exactly. Somehow they do fit into the rest of the buildings in my neighborhood which make up Snösätra - a part of the Rågsved suburb, south of Stockholm. And there are still some trees left, which obscure some of the buildings only 25 meter in front of my nose. Boy, those have grown !


Fascinating how it all changed in the past 5 years...

Even the reflection of the sunlight has changed. Now that I have large building to the left (north), that big house reflect the sunlight, making the left side brighter (and warmer, too, because they use the wooden panels on that side). Then there is another building right in front of me, on the other side of the street, which too, reflects more light towards our balcony, when the sun is in the Southwest. I am sure my balcony plants will love that...


And I ? Well, I go with the flow.

Stockholm suburbs go through a lot changes - and the sheer amount of new buildings added, are staggering. That is the way it is, so there is no point in being grumpy. I can still see large parts of the sky, as well distant parts of the horizon, including the Globe area. Albeit the trees have grown a lot during the past 12 years.... even the Globe Arena 7 km away - is starting to get obscured when all the leafs are full grown. Only from the kitchen window I can still see the spherical white Globe Arena (they call that thing Aviici arena now, previously "Ericsson Arena"). But for the Stockholmians, it is as it always has been; the Globe Arena. So, cut the bull

Basta !

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