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There is a tendency to see all this carnage for the first time with fresh eyes and become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the rot. The corruption, criminality, and chaos have infiltrated everything once held dear, and the future seems hopelessly lost. That hopelessness, however, is not based in reality but rather the "Us/Them" self-delusion that tyranny could not happen here. It's not easy to accept that the great sacrifices of the past made in the struggle for human freedom have once again been squandered by a new generation of despots.

It is a necessary first step, though, before the righteous can throw themselves into the fight and get back to work. And once people come to terms with the fact that tyranny not only could happen here but that it is happening here, then they will realize that the struggle has only really begun in earnest. [...]


Western governments

are terrified of their people today. They are terrified of what their people believe, or else they wouldn't feel compelled to criminalize thoughts as "hateful." They are scared to death of what their people might say to each other, or else they wouldn't engage in mass surveillance and blatant censorship. They are fearful of free and fair elections, or else they wouldn't work so hard to manipulate and undermine them. And they are absolutely petrified of a future where cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies free their citizens from the consolidated control imposed by central banks and spendthrift treasuries.

If discouraged and demoralized Westerners doubt that they have more power right now than their governments could ever possess, then take a hard look at the obscene lengths to which those governments have gone in order to maintain and preserve their jurisdiction. Embracing tyranny under the sickening pretense of "preserving democracy" betrays just how weak these governments have become!


Václav Havel

— dissident, political prisoner, and eventual president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic — wrote a sledgehammer of an essay in the late '70s entitled "The Power of the Powerless." In that indictment against the oppressive nature of communist regimes, he demystified totalitarianism as a system that forces citizens to "live within a lie." What each citizen secretly believes does not matter. Whether a citizen privately contests in his mind the State's constructed truths is irrelevant. What is crucial for totalitarianism, however, is that each citizen repeats the State's lies, lives within the system based on those lies, and perpetuates that system of lies in everyday life.

He uses the example of a grocer displaying a Workers of the World, Unite! sign because failure to do so could be seen as a sign of disloyalty to the State. By displaying it, the grocer isn't expressing truth or personal enthusiasm for a cause, but rather proving his humiliating submission to a system of control.



Now consider all of the slogans we daily encounter

from government and corporate mouthpieces alike: Black Lives Matter!; Build Back Better!; Trans Rights Are Human Rights!; The Science Is Settled!; Save the Earth!; Stop Global Warming!; The War on Women Is Real!; We're All in This Together!; Abortion Is Health Care!; My Body, My Choice!

It doesn't matter how vapid, factually incorrect, or contradictory the political slogan. What matters is that all of us repeat them obediently to prove our allegiance to and faith in the system. And therein lies the key to our salvation.


Question the lies, and you question the system.

Push back against the State's monopoly over truth, and you cripple the State's legitimacy. Celebrate individuality, and you fracture the mental prison of group think. Live "in truth," and you erode the control of State dogma. When people realize that they individually strengthen the State by submitting to its lies, people then understand that the whole artifice of the system survives purely through their individual consent. At that point, it becomes obvious that the small number of people at the top of the system is not really in control at all. It is the large population — psychologically abused and tormented by their government — that wields power when it chooses. Once the powerless have this epiphany, they alone control their destiny.

Identify tyranny. Question lies. Resist oppression. Assert truth. Empower the powerless. Destroy the system's illusion of control. Be not afraid. It's that simple.

Source: The Power of the Powerless Is Real
by J.P Shurk

Give the Lie what it deserves - THE TRUTH!

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