I crashed my old computer due to a botched installation of MacOS "Mojave", which stalled and then simply didn't go anywhere, so I had to kill it. And from there, I was not able to awaken my computer ever again. However - the hard drives are OK. It took about 10 days for me to find out. Also all other drives were ok, including my 418.000 image library*

And now I am installed on the new Apple Studio Max - without machine backup or anything from my old computer... I installed the most I needed, and in some cases it had very interesting benefits. After 2 weeks have passed - I only need to get warm in the new version of "Dreamweaver", as well finding my old passwords for my homepage. That is in essence the last thing, I still have to solve (and the reason why I have not updated XPan.se yet).

The past 2 weeks I have spent a lot of time to get familiar with a lot newer macOS, with all the much newer apps... so it was partially learning from scratch, and partially a lot of similarities, too. In all - I am surprised how smooth it all went. On the other hand - I DID spend a LOT of time with making myself familiar with a lot of apps, trying to "find my way back", settling in again.


From 10 minutes - to 5 seconds !

In certain graphical tasks - for example with the software called "Topaz DeNoise AI" and "Sharpen AI", the processing often took between 5-10 minutes for one image on my old computer - takes now a mere 5-8 seconds on the Apple Studio Max !

I was like.... what ?!?
Seriously ??


Speaking of 418.000 photos*

It is for the first time in my life, I can handle a whopping 418.000 images in one go. It means, that for the first time, I have ALL images, and videos at my fingertips - ranging from year 1966 all the way to year 2022.


After 22 years: End of Media Expression

It is a strange feeling, when you suddenly have everything under one umbrella. Even the scanned analog photos are now mingling with the digital ones. I can swoosh within a seconds from one end to the other. (My earlier application, the old iView Media, later iView MediaPro, which later become Microsoft Expression Media in 2007, until it was bought by PhaseOne in 2012 I believe. But due to lack of love - they ended it in 2017.

I remember that when PhaseOne took over - nothing really changed other than a darker interface (+ it felt slower, more sluggish on the same computer back then) So, I stayed with MS Expression Media of course.

32-bit app means - end of life support

In all, I used this software something like 24 years - and it surely was one of the best, because you really could flick through 40.000 images in a flash, even on a slower computer. However, it always stayed a 32-bit app, and therefore there was no future for older apps, in the land of only 64-bit software. So, I knew that my years were counted... if I upgraded my macOS beyond Mojave.

Because Expression Media couldn't handle more than around 40.000 images, I had to split my total archive into smaller ones; each one covering around 2-3 years of photography. That worked well, though.



Today - with a totally different app, also one who has been in the business for 26 years on the Mac platform and constantly evolved - can handle even my 420.000 images all at once. It isn't always so logic or smooth to me - but I have started to learn and adapt - even start to see the benefits of it.

Most striking aspect is perhaps, that I have now all 420.000 images at my fingertips. All images show, form start to beginning, from 1966 to 2022. That is a strange feeeling, you know. I never thought there would be apps being able to let you access any photo within a 420.000 photo database.


Feeling a bit tired (computer stuff)

I have been learning my new computer, all the new stuff, tricks and quirks. You have to remember that I installed my new Apple Studio new from scratch. Everything I had to re-create from mind, and finding a lot of apps which could fill in the apps I lost due to the transition from 32 to 64-bit rendering the old ones obsolete on higher macOS version, as well because Apple uses ARM Silicon processors now.


The Mac Studio flies !!

It is an incredible machine. Physically perhaps 1/10th the size of my big MacPro 2009 maximum upgraded tower, and certaingraphic intensive tasks are lightning fast in direct comparison. What in Topaz DeNoiseAI & Topaz SharpenAI took sometimes 5-10 minutes, now takes 5-10 seconds.


Homepage XPAN.se

Yesterday evening, I still didn't know if I ever would access my homepage again. I didn't have the settings, or login passwords, nor did I remember how to log into the ftp server... (remember I sat on my old computer 13 years. The ftp app to upload files to my homepage, contained all the necessary login stuff... but the computer crashed. So, the data wasn't avialable to me.

Anyway. I fixed that, too. Gosh, I managed to fix everything, but it took a couple of weeks and some lost hair along the road.


Scanner, Printer, and everything else

Everything works on the Apple Mac Studio, including my older printer, label printer and the scanners. Quite fascinating that those still work, you know... I did not expect that. The only difference was, that I had to buy a lot of adapters and new cabels. A LOT.

You know for USB-C 3.2, Thunderbolt 4, external casings for my hard drives, more adapters, USB hubs, HDMI to USB-C adapters, and so on. The cables you get, when for example buying an external hardrive can be very short !

But hey - I got everything fixed. I almost can't believe it...


In the mean time... it got frikkin' cold

Down to -13°C at the notoriously cold station Tullinge, 7 km from here, the temperatures have gone down below -10°C several mornings.

- 51 -