Swooping though a half million, babe

It really is kind of strange having my entire photo archive at my fingertips all at once. I mean... without the need to open any extra databases, or slowdowns when browsing through such a vast amount of images. The computer can cope with the 400.000+ preview images, and you swoop through any date and time... (You can probably tell; I am still in a honeymoon stage with my new Mac Studio 2022).


Size up, dude !

Another feature I appreciate is, that when I work with an old digital image from let's say from 2002 - with is a mere 3 MP and not always so plain sharp really... I can easily make it into a sharp, fine detailed 12 MP photo - with help of Topaz Gigapixel on the Mac Studio. The following conversion flies through in a few seconds.


Subjective Comparisons 2009 to 2022

So yeah, it is fascinating having a computer which after 13 years, really shows how speedy things can be. However - not everything is. There are elements I find sometimes more quirky. And GUI elements not always faster, really. (Which I am sure is because of how a program or software works internally, how it uses and utilizes [or not] processor resources).

Even the old MacPro 2009 (after total maximum upgrade along time, turning into a MacPro 2010, including 6 core 3.48 GHz Xenon processor with 48 GB RAM and a much faster graphic card) - the machine was very good in many tasks of todays tasks in year 2022 (under MacOS "High Sierra"). Actually the macOS also plays a roll. I remember that the macOS two version before "High Sierra" were the most speedy for my MacPro 2009/2010.

Only in graphic intense tasks my old computer was slower in direct comparison (such as image software with using "AI", is indeed many times faster on the new Mac Studio 2022.


When companies sandbox you...

With future macOS updates I will be a bit more hesitant. There is always a time like 5-6 years later, when suddenly that new macOS slow your computer down visibly. I guess that is one of the many Apple Tax snuck into their system, in order to animate people to buy new hardware, the latest and best. Yadda Yadda. (And they are good at it, making most product totally lickable, like a boy licking the window drooling over that new shiny toy) As most cocksucker companies nowadays do; Sandboxing you into a system, and slowing it down after some years, to buy new, new, new. And because everything is so frikkin' "Eco friendly" to "save the planet" (which giant companies and finance institutes directing consumers what to consume, and in essence stimulating the opposite; e.g. consume more - because they produce shit which breaks or degrades just too easily - made in China.... and you need to buy more often.

It is a strategic principle which started to take root in the early 80s, after the world market (the people) got saturated in the late 70s. In order to stimulate the world market further, making more profits - the conglomerates and associated companies started to produce products with a "built-in" shorter lifespan. This has accelerated considerably in the latter years, as most things are produced in China now, and boy that shit is often of low quality. Does it even last longer than a year ?! They gotten good at producing nicer things to the naked eye - but that's about it. Sometimes "metal" is just plastic painted over with metallic color.

What a sad state of affairs. *Hurrah*


Can't change shit

Back to Apple - we do not allow you do change anything in your computer anymore. Can't change the battery, can't change the internal hardrive, can't change the RAM. Can't change shit. Yeah, and the lithium sandboxed batteries are based on the kind of shitty work, which poor African children break (Cobalt) which is so health degrading, that they often don't exceed the age of 30-35 years. The double speak is incredible... But so is the idiotic of the ignorant young (not all of them !) in the west, who think they save the planet, with demonstration, Fridays for the Future, Greta and pink cotton bolls and aggressive slogans which some hidden think-tank in the west has given birth to, and the mindless take it over as "their slogan" - like Parrots, Pigs and Sheep.

We really should have a very deep, very serious look into what the fuck we are saying (OK, I will do so, too).

In the west - the mining of Cobalt which is required for the billions of internal lithium batteries in almost everything these days - is such a stupid, and utter dirty technology - but tout as being the future in the West. So, we buy all the products with built in batteries - and probably forget about it along the road. And how fucking expensive it all is, we forget, too.


I seem to have diarrhea today.

But it feels good to bitch sometimes, I have to confess. Because I think what is going on in the world of 2022, at the official stage, is total insanity. At almost ever level this insanity takes place. Our "leaders" bring words and phrases over their lips - I just wanna vomit non-stop - it is that bad, that hollow and filled with utter nonsense. I also think of the immense harm it all does. To people. To real human beings.

We will have some very serious, very tough, and harsh times ahead of us - as we will gradually see and feel the consequences of this insanity. Of following like sheep after our dipshits stupid politicians.



The cold Weather

March 2022 has been absolutely exceptional in terms of sunshine hours, and Stockholm got i believe almost record high amounts of sunshine hours. Plus that it was milder than normal. With daily sunshine for 4 weeks - it truly was special (albeit the first two weeks after 25 Feb 2022, where at times very cold).

Now in April, we have cold weather and plenty of snowfall, as you can see here. Yet - it ain't anything unusual for this time of the year. April is like that in Stockholm - and at any time snow can fall. And it does.

Notice that all snow has melted anew, so there isn't really anything left on the ground as of 11 April 2022, 05:00. During the day we had 10°C yesterday, and it felt like pre-spring time. You know, the kind of springtime which in Scandinavia this time of the year, looking all dry everywhere - but with the sun shining. That is very typical for April, before in May the landscapes explode into nuances of green.




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