Since I got a new computer, the Apple Mac Studio, and from there renewed in principle all applications, programs and helper programs I used to have on the old computer (Mac Pro 2009/2010) with Intel processor... I am still having "issues" with getting used to the UI (User interface) of the much newer programs. You know the feeling of flow, how you deal with windows on your screen, the tasks you do to switch back and forth, and all the small little details... is all new, slightly different.


Different tasks, windows and menus.. and behavior

That often introduces a feeling as if working "choppy". Because the new workflows are different in comparison with the old computer and it's apps. The handling within a program for example. New versions of Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Lightroom have this weird black background window. Inside of that, you open new images. In the the older days on a Mac, you would just have one window - and that was the open image. When you close it - the sight would be free what lies behind behind (e.g. the desktop). But now, when you close an image, you always have that big black window left - obscuring the sight to everything what lies behind that window.

I find it quite annoying because it is always "in my way", and I have to click it away as an extra step. I never understood what it is there for... why it has been implemented on a Mac.


Kind of like with new cameras and menus

Oh well, Ralf. LEARN !

It is like when you buy a new camera, and they changed the UI (User Interface) on the back of the cameras' LCD screen; how to deal with menus and click options, which button to use for what, which wheel to use to get where you hopefully want to get. Dealing with cameras, is said to involve a lot of brain activity, in order to keep tack of all the tasks you need to do, in order to get things right. So, in other words... brain gymnastics.

You (I) simply have to learn and get used to. That's about it.

And speaking about cameras... it is kind of fascinating, that when you deal with many different cameras... and let's say I/You haven't used one for a half year - it takes a while extra, to remember the individual buttons, tasks and scrolling on that particular camera. It happens occasionally, that I forgot a what one button does... *LOL* I mean, cameras have changed over the past 20 years - where each model has it's own individual way of how to deal with it.

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