Emotions... 25 years ago

I often have to think of my past, the time during the 1990s and early 2000s... wondering why my emotions always were right below the surface, popping up at any time with at times big fanfare. It was not an imagination or anything - it did always feel like an immense boiling universe deep inside of me, rich and spreading into all kinds of directions. If I didn't have control over myself, then my emotions would easily take over...


The mind error about emotions

The thing however was, that I always mixed up emotions. I thought, that EMOTIONS where true and honest. It never occurred to me, that emotions can be triggered, even falsely, like words in the mind can do. My error was in that i thought emotions where honest, because they "felt honest". And because of that "honesty", i thought i had to defend my emotions if necessary.

But... I was wrong. Emotions can be as much under influence, getting triggered due to false beliefs, past experiences repeating (or forced to be repeated), as words can trigger the mind, creating chaos, anger, grief, and a whole set of reactions.

I am not saying that emotions are false, nor do I claim that emotions would be not worth to listen to. What I really mean is, that if one doesn't understand that emotions can get triggered by patterns and old hurt feelings decades later - you can easily become like Pavlov's dog - reacting like a clockwork... based on old patterns, feelings and beliefs - which may not serve you anymore later in life, but damage you, and/or those around you...

I thought emotions was honesty. But that connection was wrong in my thinking. Emotions can be very much honest - but that doesn't mean, that they are true in the sense of truth ! It can, and often is, a source of deception and destruction if not scrutinized from within...


Food; lack of vitamins and minerals matter !

Now I realize, that my way of eating was lacking a lot of vitamins (i love the sweet stuff in many ways and ate whatever that came across my appetite). I was lacking several major vitamins [Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Magnesium in particularly, also Zinc & Selenium, possible also a bit poor in B vitamin complex] Deficits in those are known to trigger - very gradually over time, a more unstable psyche.


Example Magnesium citrate, 2016

One of the things I noticed in 2016 when I started to take Magnesium citrate was, that after a half year, I felt noticeably calmer, less stressed ! My job as a subway driver in Stockholm, was and is stressful (when working daytime). Yet after some time, i felt strangely calmer. I used to always have a higher heart which in 2015-16 started to peak into a feeling of constant, stressful inner vibration... when driving trains during rush hour. The stations in the city were crammed with people without any space left...

Yet later, it didn't "get to me" anymore. At least not in the same way.

Vitamin D made my health more stable, being less prone to infections - which always been something I often had during earlier years (connected to my emotions going easily up and down. During relationship crisis, i would always react strongly, loosing lots of weight and being more prone to infections, especially fever in particularly)


Myth: I get everything my body needs through food !
But do you really ?

I was young - and thought, I get all the necessary vitamins through our food. Like any parrot Swede would and will tell you, pretty much the same belief. Only that your food doesn't truly cover enough levels of vitamins, for us to function well. The problem is because the so called "recommended daily intake" - is a false threshold. It was originally conducted through studies in 1948 by the US Army, to see what is the absolute minimum of vitamins & minerals a soldier needs to survive ! This became - with some slight modifications, the so called "daily recommended intake" of vitamins and minerals.

It is the MINIMUM that you body needs to survive - but that doesn't mean it is the optical amount of vitamins and minerals for your body to function, as well to address the issues and diseases or other ailments. Because then your body needs a whole lot more of everything, in order to heal itself.


Building a House to live in

If you give your house project inferior building materials - your house will eventually crumble more visibly later on. And if bad weather comes along, damaging the structure - it becomes even more open to weathering and larger risks for those who live in the house.


Vaccines unfortunately

often do the opposite of what they are officially supposed to do. They tend to weaken the pathways of the human immune system, to address the things that need repair. But that neither the doctor no r the pharmaceutical companies will ever tell you. They job is to sell products, the more the merrier. Preferably even to all the healthy people, the better.

And now it has grown into a monster. The Covid-19 injections are unique in being the most ineffective "vaccine" ever having been developed. The effectiveness plunged to a horrible -300% (Se UK) - which is the opposite of those so called 98% effectiveness.


The more vaccines you throw at your body

the more difficult your body has to counteract them, while also trying to repair the damages of the consequences from vaccines. Therefore we see never seen before levels of autism which has become an epidemic. Never have we seen so many allergy prone people, and never ever have we seen so many people not being able to eat normal food without getting reactions. And on top, never ever have we seen so many people getting cancer, like today. Despite all the lovely billions, the promises, the endless chain of organizations and foundations and "science": Every second person get cancer related illnesses during a life time. When I came to Sweden in 1984, it was ever 4th person. Now - it is every 2nd person.

Hallelujah ?!


Silenced Crimes committed

And with the new, unproven, genetic experimental Covid-19 injections - the cancer rate among people has literally exploded. We are talking about a rise in cancer cases by factor 2000x.

Even the overall mortality has risen steeply, and many western countries now log 40-70% higher overall mortality in the past 6-9 month, on a steady level ! This is something totally unheard of, to log such extreme increases.

In children, teens and young people, we see a rise in serious (over time deadly) heart related diseases, up to 73% more now, compared to the long time average of the past.


Back to Vitamins

One of the typical phenomenas that occur when there aren't enough vitamins present over time, or not sufficient levels - the nerve system gets affected. Your emotions can develop as if they are "on the outside of your skin", so to speak.

The nerve system has a layer of protection, like a skin wrapped around. And that very skin - requires certain vitamins to develop and function properly. Without it - you become easily a little toy in the wild ocean of emotions, impressions, words, beliefs and everything else.

Of course, you can live like that. But it is cumbersome in times of crisis. And it creates more crisis than there has to be (and ways to get out of it). Psyche and body work together with spirit. All three. In one. None is separated !


Modern medicine

of course, gives people psycho pills, instead of addressing the issue with lacking vitamins, minerals as well trace minerals. If you go 100% vegan, it gets even worse once you used up your inner storage of (certain) vitamins and minerals - and then comes the really bigger problems: vegetables does not produce anything it doesn't need itself. For example hormones. And certain types of B and D vitamins (the latter is a hormone actually, affecting 1000 genes in the human body and with that extremely important), but are not to be found in the world of vegetables. (I believe there were other vitamins, too).

Modern medicine is not interested in healing people (the powers that hold the industry isn't interested, I mean)

They only treat symptoms. But this has become very much mainstream even for most doctors, too. That is how most doctors learn their profession these days. They do not lean much about vitamins - at best a half day during their several years of education to become a doctor.

It's quite astonishing, if you think about that.


On "Dr" Fauci orders

that hospitals in the US only are allowed to use the lethal, toxic as well experimental drug REMDESIVIR (made by Israeli Gilead) for Covid... a crime so outrageous and widespread, as well adopted by those who follow the protocol - which already killed more than 500.000 people alone in the US.

Officially those "died of Covid-19". So, Nazi Dr Mengele would pale in front of "Dr" Fauci's crime "successes". Add then also the deaths Dr Fauci commuted due to AZT on HIV and AIDS patients. add another million to the list, and you got the perfect Nazi murderer - only that those were committed in the 1980s and now in 2020-2022. Also add his lethal AZT experiments on children in the 80s in New York orphanages, being force fed with that lethal drug through the open stomach, if they refused.


Dr Fauci is today a publicly declared hero.

Imagine the irony in that. And the total lack of all respect for human life.

Talk about hospitals becoming killing machines, because a Covid labeled death gives the hospital the biggest gain in money; from 39.000 Dollars and more (up to 100.000+ Dollars in some states per Covid labeled death). Without Covid, they only get less than 13.000 Dollars.

Remdesivir costs 3200 $ per treatment. Gilead laughs all the way to the bank. I remember, that Gilead sent Remdesivir to Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm "for free", to treat patients here in Stockholm.

Remdesivir is a non - approved "anti-viral" drug, originally for "Ebola". Out of all the test candidates - it was the most toxic one, and the trials had to be broken off, due to the toxicity. Then Dr Fauci goes out, and says Remdesivir is FDA approved.

No. It is not. It is "emergency approved", which means, it isn't approved, but "due to the circumstances", we use it anyway "because the pandemic demands it". And that emergency "approval" is how you get passed by all toxic, experimental drugs - without any consequences. Whether for the Company Gilead, nor for anyone else.

The patients have to pay. With huge amounts of money, tax money as well deaths.

It is beyond criminal and beyond all human moral and decency.


Everyone plays along

Most most actors and people as well professionals - play into the same narrative and game. We literally support people who are even worse than Dr Mengele from WW2. And now it happens legally- promoted by hospitals, state and US government.

While we were watching (but not caring) - with closed, wide open eyes.


100+ million people's lives destroyed in 2021/22

I have sometimes very hard times, to feel respect for humanity, who went along the largest crimes in humanity since WW2 - to allow so much death, and then simply blaming it on Covid.

We have killed 5-20 million people globally with the Covid-19 injections.

And a whopping 180 million people suffered damages, from which 80 million are so severe, that they can't get their normal life back, due to the injuries those injections have caused.

100+ Million people worldwide got their lives destroyed. And no fuck even so much said anything, and instead continue a witch hunt, forcing people to "go vaccinate, go vaccinate, go vaccinate".


World War 2

The last time we saw such extreme numbers in deaths and casualties was in... 1939-1945. And then Mao's revolution in the 1960s also killing i don't know how many tens of millions from starvation. All because of an idea. Because of a conviction. Because of a Belief.

Boy, it is really hard for me sometimes, to like people - who more or less quietly have accepted that 100+ million lives in only 1 year got destroyed - and calling it "saving lives", saving your loved ones, saving humanity, saving your grandma.

With fucking lethal injections, a bio weapon, which is no matter how much to scrutinize it (if you dare) - are at all levels destructive for health. And we have not yet counted all those, whose injections quietly continue to damage but not yet have shown the changes inside the body that are in progress deep within their now damaged DNA, genes and fine blood vessels...

I don't think there is anything to laugh about.

This all is so beyond sad, and so destructive what we in one or the other way gave it a pass to be used on humanity... and created so much hate... I don't understand. I really can't wrap my mind around it.


What about precautionary ?

Usually we used to warn each other, and raise a finger, when something isn't quite right. But this time, we fucked up in a major global clusterfuck at all levels. Don't even get me started on the masks - which never ever in human history have been able to "protect" from viral particles - EVER !

Such a nonsense. Why did we throw away decades of knowledge over board - where suddenly masks became the protector against "the most lethal virus known to man".

More cluster brain fuck. And on that shit, we now built the future heath knowledge ?
Garbage in - garbage out.

I am so angry of people in general sometimes. To play along with that shit, without even calling it in question. The latter would be at least a healthy reaction, to ASK QUESTIONS and to THINK and to DISCUSS.

Not just following orders like some Hitler fuck - because "the authorities said so". Bu-huuu.


Beyond my anger, lies endless sadness

I worry about those I love, like, or just see, or know from passed memories. I often think of... well I think of everyone I ever met, to be honest. But I can't say anything. What could I possibly tell them without earning everything from weird looks to hateful or ironic remarks. I also suspect they wouldn't even take me seriously in any way. Talking, showing and explaining - didn't help much during the past 2 years...

So, I can feel quite lost in that feeling, of quietly standing and observing what is going on, while at the same time being aware of the horrific numbers in health, that are emerging from so many places now (but not in mainstream media, via politics or public authorities).

All those are like: Nothing to see, move along.


One good aspect remains

if all other things break apart. Beyond space and time, we all meet again. And we'll understand again and anew, why and what all that stuff was about in our lives we lived and passed - beyond our normal perception we got here on this planed, I mean.

But it's hard to comprehend, here and now, I guess.

- 57 -