Whatever Governments & Health Authorities told you...

They utterly and completely violated most laws of the EU as well the constitutional laws in individual countries - because in reality, the pharmaceutical industry never truly said, that the experimental, genetic injection would give any protection against Covid-19.

It is now at the level of deepest criminality, most governments and authorities executed, having and still are, violating almost all democratic laws surrounding health, integrity and security.

They stated that they didn't know, and can not guarantee it either. They also did not conduct many of the important tests and studies required before the release of such a genetic Injection. It is no a "vaccine", because it never ever can be - but it is an experimental genetic injection which experiments with the human genome / DNA, with outcomes complete uncontrolled in consequences for the human population, as illnesses and death are manifesting uncontrolled around the world, in the most strange ways, no matter age.

Also fertility has decreased in some areas for example Germany, by 30% [Pregnant women increasingly appear to loose their unborn in a cluster around week 20 due to blood clots in the placenta] The artificial spike protein (very different from natural spike proteins), are a strong toxin. The human body however is forced, due to the genetic injections, to produce this toxin, which have lead and leads to all kinds [uncontrolled] serious illnesses as well deaths along the road. Because the expression of illnesses are so many due to the manipulation of the human genome and the expression of spike protein via our human cells creating havoc.

Plus that the mortality has risen permanently by 40-70% - which are numbers never heard or seen before (because the most common illnesses used to be steady in the previous years and decades).

Now you get to hear how things really are, at real lawyers level, who have been working with this for over 2 years.

Corona Investigative Committee, No 102

Lawyer Renate Holzeisen, Italy • 45 min • English Language



Lawyer Renate Holzeisen • German Language

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