Much better results

I love the overall better consistency of colors and color balance. I am not saying it is perfect - but the results from an overall perspective, are so much better than I ever accomplished before. It is now rather rare that i have trouble with a color negative these days. Sure, it does take time, and there is still plenty of post processing involved. But the basics - are solid.

I am ... again ... so happy about this. Sometimes it felt like it was totally pointless to deal with color negative film. Which of course lead into that I during large periods didn't touch anything with color film. Sometimes as long as a year or so.

I also love, that when i took images in very different light conditions such as some in daylight, others in tungsten light (light bulb) on the same roll of film, yet I have no trouble to get the color balance right in each of the different images ! That is astonishing !


For more than 7 years

Far too long time, more than 7 years, I have been mostly busy with trying to figure out how to get good images from a technical point of view; with good colors, good balance, good sharpness.... but there were so many problems since 2015, that I often found myself empty after each period. So, I put everything away and forgot about it. Until the next major impulse... and this went on for many years. There was always something major ruin the experience. The Mamiya 6 tilt and focus issues, the Kodak film backpaper issue, the treacherous Kodak X-Tol developer which weakens rapidly if you got iron in your water. So, for a long time I wondered why the heck did my negatives turn out tinner and thinner over the course of only weeks. Then unreliable work with color negatives went on for a long time. And so on.

It felt like an ON-OFF, On-OFF journey through those 7 years. Like a lover that teases you, and then when you think it works, he turns you off. Unreliable, wicked, not to be trusted. Well you play the game a couple years or so - and then you quit.

Well, I didn't quit exactly - but understand my frustration trough 7 years, trying to solve whatever came into my way. And I did solve things, somehow, even if not perfectly. But it often didn't seem to help.

OK, enough of that shit. I have a new issue to solve, haven't I. I need to solve the inference - pattern issue with the color films *LOL*

Ain't photography wonderful ?


What I wanted to say

is, that I wanted to do wonderful photography with conventional, analog film - but found myself entangled with a long chain of serious problems, like stones in the path. So, my focus has been on trying to solve the issues, while my eyes for beauty and composition, I fear have become compromised.

It is strange how this has affected my eyes upon the world I see around me (well I don't even see it sharp unless I have glasses on... so even that induces a feeling of "separation", between feeling and what I "see"). I think if I want to be serious, I would have to focus on the inner and outer meaning in the motives I tale images of. The feeling, the composition, the tales. Instead of "is it sharp now ?!"

In analog photography, a lot of things can go wrong - because there are so many tasks involved. I mean, it is truly fun - but the more you fine-tune your photography in order to achieve really high quality images, the more issues you encounter. I am somewhat old school by now - and love when my color images made with film, really look like high quality images. Nut some fuzzy, with dust sprinkled "Lomo" image. If I want to do Lomo - sure, I love that style. But for most of my photography, I want to accomplish high quality coming from chemical film material.

- 62 -