I get those yearnings to visit the places I loved to visit and be... such as Lisbon. And Sicily. And Berlin.

At the same time, I also know that these yearnings are partially the result of longing backwards in time. Like out of a desire or illusion of wanting to go back to a more innocent time (or similar). All of those three places are still more or less off limit for me, since I chose to keep my immune system on top without genetic experimental alterations, which means my immune system is around 27x stronger than the average triple "Covid-19 vaccinated" being (!)

In all three places you have to "prove" yourself and your inherent freedom, of vising those places with help of a "negative" test. With a test that is beyond reliable and says nothing about the status of your health. As it never was allowed or approved to be used as a diagnostic tool. But is used as such - and with that - it is a economical fraud as well a violation in regard of human basic freedom as well violation against honest health protocols.

It is funny how far we made it by going back many steps, at too many levels. It is beyond mind boggling - but that doesn't really bother the average human being today. It does not hurt to the average, because they don't see, don't think and don't care. And I am almost prone to say, it is not because people are evil really or that stupid. It is just they don't think that far, deep or connect the dots - and therefore it all remains beyond the normal horizon of being.


Ticket Temptations

I have occasionally looked at ticket to Berlin and Lisbon - but as of lately I noticed that the prices went up steeply to Lisbon. Berlin is a better destination for me, because here you can still find nice priced tickets. However, the thing with having to provide a test within a 24 hour window, does not entice me.


Have people changed in Berlin ?

I am wondering how people are in Berlin, after more than 2 years of extreme propaganda and all the insane rules and laws the government shit out onto the people, violating all basic rights including the German Basic Law. Germany was one of the most strict held countries in the world, and it is still bombarded with propaganda. Lead by an inside, on the verge of autistic Minister of Health, which should be in jail for lifetime, due to the constant stream of blatant lies, which are not even remotely supported in real science. But he still hammers on as if the world is in the deepest pandemic humanity ever has seen.

Karl Lauterbach ist ein assoziales schizoides Arschloch, mildly spoken. Wie eine Melone: Außen Grün, Innen Rot, und gesprenkelt mit braunen Punkten. Translated: Like a melon: Green on the outside, red on the inside, speckled with brown dots.

Same goes for the Foreign Minister, who lied about her her CV, changing it a whopping 15 times, and claimed to speak English - which she "can" - but on a level that of a 12 year old. Her German is... very strange, because she can't even talk correctly in her speeches. I've never seen a more incompetent person in my whole life - and she is supposed to represent Germany as it's Foreign Minister.

Oh, never mind (for the time being)


Berlin vs Stockholm

So, I was wondering how much people changed in Berlin, after all the extreme craziness with Covid, restrictions, masks, distance, rules and constant testing. I mean there must be a difference (and I have heard, watched and seen a lot of worrisome shit people performed to one another / against each other). Totally different from how people behaved here in Sweden.

Especially now.

Here, you see, feel and notice nothing anymore. As if nothing ever happened. Just imagine that ! People treat each other normally, without strange events, without hesitations, without anything that would remind you of "Corona". You may see a very few people still with masks on - perhaps 0.1% - but no more.


Lisbon vs Stockholm

I can't say anything, because I know nothing. I understood that an extreme high percentage in Portugal are injected with the experimental genetic altering jabs. Something like 90-92%, which is more than Germany (72%) or Sweden (73%).

Did the people change there ? I have no clue. The country still demands that you prove your "vaccine" status or test negative. Same as in Berlin, same as in Sicily.

It feels outermost strange that I have not visited Sicily for 2+ years now. I traveled to Sicily 31 times within 4 years. That about every 1.5 months in average. And then the big stop... It almost feels as if Sicily never happened. I miss the people, your friends and family... a lot. And I almost can't imagine what it would feel like to hold them in my arms again, you know.


As if chopped off...

Something that was so close by, so near, so natural - just vanished due to the crazy circumstances in the past 2 years. I also find it strange and funny, that I chose to visit Lisbon back in January 2020, just right before the whole chaos started. I had not visited Lisbon since 2009, and it felt absolutely wonderful to experience the city again. Almost as if that was the last chance to do so... (I remember that my choice to visit Lisbon was spontaneous - and I traveled later to Sicily).

So, at least I got to experience the Lisbon from 2020... but yes, I do sometimes year to go there again. Everything revolving travel has been so out of my mind, given the circumstances, rules, laws and craziness - I sort of banished all emotions for travel.

It is images that makes me yearn, though.

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