I can't remember which lens i adapted to the smaller medium format camera, the Pentax 645n. Most likely the 45mm f 2.8 which exhibits unsettled bokeh in the background. Yet, it is sharp where it needs to be.

Sal and I were new wed, and days later - out and about on those sunny August days, eating ice cream at an Italian store at Fridhemsplan. It still exists even today - and the quality is quite good. Not as fantastic like the special ice cream store in Nicolosi, Sicily - but it was good.


Extra eye-piece

The problems I sometimes had with both the Pentax 645n and Pentax 67 II camera, was that if you really wanted to find the exact sharpness - it wasn't possible with the normal viewfinder. You have to use a special enlarging lens in front. It makes dealing with it a little clumsy - BUT - you get sharp images spot on. The same goes for the bigger Pentax 67 II camera. Here I blew several portraits because the point of sharpness didn't hit the eyes of those i took portraits of. But the special eye enlarger piece, solved the problem !!



I notice that skin tone in highly can occasionally look a bit strange (sort of gray-ish) with the Negative Lab Pro software. You can spot this in the photo of Sal here, too. On his hand at the side for example. I am not sure why, but I will find out over time. (I am still new to the Negative Lab Pro software !!)

Otherwise, I enjoy the brilliance in the image, because... well, I never really have seen my color negative images shine that way before.

Do I sound like a geek ? Well, I am a geek. At this stage after 37 years - I must be considered a geek, what else !?!

- 68 -