The main photo taken on Fujicolor Superia 400 film - showing a fiery sunrise during June 2017. And you would think that getting an image like that, is a piece of cake. Yes, the image itself isn't anything difficult. But the color reproduction I made earlier in various ways with a scanner, just didn't give that feeling of... really using negative color film, or like a chemical color print. The blues would often get funky, and any lila colors in between, just weird shifting. So, the overall feeling of the colors like how the sunrise was represented... just didn't work out in reality in the same way. Especially not if i would use a digital camera, to reproduce the color negative and then manually trying to color correct...


Now it works.

Something so simple as a fiery sunrise, having the kind of colors, on soon-to-be-rainy day during the lightest time of the year.


The challenge

I get so "aroused" by seeing color negative films finally turning out great in colorbalance and clarity - that I have forgotten to focus on the contents of what picture / take photos of.

So, my challenge will be to fill my films with better content. It is true, I've been frikkin' busy - for many years - trying to get the colors right and never seem to get there. Either it was too noisy or/and the colors off in ways which didn't really feel worth to work with analog color film material in the first place. A very, very ambivalent journey for the past 10 years (in essence since 2012 when I "restarted" to work with color negative material again)

I mean, it is about to wheel the passion rising (almost) every spring... only to face new problems. Then you're empty of energy... winter comes... and whoom, you're in the next year. And so on.


To see

In the mean time, it is year 2022 - time has moved on in this realm - but not many good images have come along (with C-41 color film). However it look like, I can start that inner process now... to "see" and put that through my analog cameras. I feel like I've been in a long bad dream for a couple of years. Unable to see with my soul. Unable to connect my soul with the creative realm...

- 70 -