Clouds of War, Poverty and Hyperinflation

Albeit new clouds have emerged. Color negative film is now so expensive, that I haven't bought any new film lately. Or any film for that matter. The way things look in the world and in Europe... with inflation, and governments spraying dark foam of war mongering including with nuclear weapons...

Not realizing, that there is no winner - not even in a governmental bunker, unless you think your body can sustain 100 G. Feel then afterwards, welcome up to the surface anywhere else in the world, when the shit is spreading. Chernobyl galore factor 1000x and more.

Boy, people seem to have extremely naive thoughts revolving nuclear weapons, as if you can do some surgical "intervention" with it. It truly doesn't matter who starts it vs. who supports it vs who (the West) secretly pours more fire into such.


"War creates Peace". You believe that shit ?

If not any part talks peace for real - your "hero" puppets - aka war mongerers - "our" politicians and everyone behind in secret, will bring death upon humanity at the largest of scale we ever have seen. It ain't matter whether Putin or Zelensky you bet your horses on - a total war - mean destruction. And no attempt to make peace.

And so far, the only thing I have seen the West is doing, to pour unlimited billions of Dollars of people's tax money, in weapons to Ukraine. If you consider that to be an effort of peace or attempt to create peace - you are as fucked and crooked like the core in Orwell's novels. War ain't peace, stupid. Has never happened. And sending weapons has never ever helped to accomplish peace neither.

Supporting brutal, human loathing Neo Nazi criminals in Ukraine with billions in money as well in weapons, while celebrating them as heroes, will guarantee you, a seat in burning hell. Inflation, poverty and and break down of society included. Ukraine also wants additionally 5 billion $ from your tax money. Every month.


Criminals never pay bills, honey

Criminals always hold up the hands and ask for more, while already having stolen our wallets. They don't pay bill, neither. You will. Especially on the West side, which is more or less committing economical and social suicide as we speak.

It's your tax money which fills the pockets of the elite to make war via their proxy politicians we call our "leaders". West politicians, will thank you, by telling you to hunger and cut the electricity, and give a rats ass if you loose your job.

While they enjoy caviar and a warm ass at night. That's the West. The story we don't get to learn about at school. We only know that we are living in democracies and the politicians are chosen by the people. And we don't even see, how evil the destruction is they in fact bring upon us. Look around. And remember they always blame somebody else.


Warm asses and total lack of responsibility

Grandmothers in the earlier times knew, that if you spoil children, they become greedy monsters if you over do it. As it is with humans, who hunger for more - and never end. But they see themselves as good people. Almost no evil person sees him or herself as evil. Keep that in mind.

Do politicians ever show dear insights based on deeper reflections ? Those who speak the loudest in the world of politics, seem to be the worst right now. In their paths lies destructions and endless failures. Non democratic chosen EU leader van der Leyen, just to name one crook. She has failed in all departments of her life in politics in Germany, left destructions and incompetence. But there are now ten thousands of them found everywhere in today's politics and countries.

They also happen to go judicially free regardless decisions they take during their mandates - because we allowed those laws to be abolished decades ago. We also allowed the Pharma industry not having to pay anything despite the deaths they have caused. We live in a world, whose leaders live totally the opposite of how we foster and take care our children, and want our children to be responsible. Already when we start working in larger companies, you start to realize, that how the world is ruled there, is often the opposite of what we teach our children.


People pay the highest levels of taxes in human history

And it's only a small fraction that comes back to you as service - just saying. Wars and weapons must be paid, right. "For your safety's sake". We now condemn and punish people based on what we think might happen just in case. (as we did during the Plandemic). We create infrastructures of utter control over people. "For your safety's sake".


Fear. Fear. Fear. - And it still works.

In the mean time, look around your shoulders - we live in a time, most people pays already the highest taxes ever in human history ! Great, start to go down the hill, don't you think ? It's all very democratic and noble. I can't believe the stupidity that we take part of.

But since the Plandemic and experimental genetic injections (which were forbidden to be used on humanity), I realize, that we go along with anything, it seems. They tell us to jump out of the window. And hey, we are jumping out of the window.

You see, raw greed dressed in pretty clothes and innocent words and gestures, ain't making it disappear by itself. No Ukraine flags in your avatars will either. So, let me spell it out for you, once more:


There are no winners left in nuclear wars.

Not anywhere in the World, morons !

I have never ever witnessed such a collective insanity like the one we maintain today. The only one who wants a Third World War, is the Western World Conglomerate - though our corrupted "leaders" and their gangs behind. Based on a psychopathic old desire forged a long time ago to make WW3 happen. The Powers To Be will blame it onto the opposite as an excuse. But make no mistake.

If we fail to realize that it is our own 'leaders' in the Western World, who desire this outcome - then most people on Earth, you and I, will die prematurely - allowing to leave behind a toxic earth for a very long time.

Just because of the grave mistakes we as the people make today, by refusing to look behind the veil of sweet deceptions which are drummed into us though all outlets these days.


Color film ?!?

Uh, suddenly the thought of color films just makes not much sense. In the mean time however, I use what I have left and try to enjoy - even if that will not be so easy. I find it hard to find back to my soul these times. And yet, it is perhaps the most important task - for all of us, to do.

- 71 -