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This image is a clear showcase, that when i scan my color negatives with the Kaiser LED light panel - it creates a strange, diffuse diagonal pattern. Which I assume is some kind of inference. It clearly destroys photo. What does high color purity (CRI) in the LED panel mean, when you end up with this bs ?! I can't get rid of such patterns in post processing...

So, I went back using my Huion LED panel - whose CRI is unknown. Albeit I do have to say, that this far, I have had no problems with colors, really. I know the Huion is on the of "not recommended", but if I have to choose between the ugly pattern with the Kaiser LED's and the Huion - I chose of course the Huion.

The images is nothing special. I was at my subway work in Gullmarsplan, likely during a lunch break, as I saw the thunderstorms rolling in - and of course snapped a few photos. The patters is NOT present in the original color film negatives !

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