Finnish politicians have been warned

that Russia, as a countermeasure to Finland's entry into NATO, may cut off gas supplies to the country as early as Friday, the Iltalehti newspaper reports.


As soon as Finland and Sweden become NATO members

and the alliance units are there, these territories will become a possible target for the Russian military - Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Polyansky.


Sweden • 214 years without a war

the country in the world who have had the longest time being without war (Neutrality lasted 214 years) Sweden likely will go into NATO - which is not a defense alliance but an war alliance - directed by the US and nothing else. Being a member in the NATO means, Sweden must participate in all NATO entangled wars as well. Unfortunately, and let's face it, Sweden already has participated in illegitimate wars such as in Libya and Afghanistan among others. (I am not sure about Serbia 1999, though) The military was also involved in other hot spots (off the record).

Politicians sell snake oil to the people in Sweden. Lies, Damn lies and more Lies.


It makes Sweden a rather dubious country

and from what I understand Russia has always considered Sweden to be a NATO/US ally for many decades. Well, and let's not talk about the Sweden and Nazi Germany during the Second World War, gave Sweden unofficially a highly dubious status. It's just it was rarely spoken about. The institute for Race Biology existed in Sweden up until 1962. We lombotomized thousands of people off the record. We made many women sterile who were not considered to be the right race/kind.

So, yeah, there you go. Heja Sweden, you old frikkin' whore. Just another registered company, called Sweden AB listed on the stockmarket, playing well along the elite's global experimental sandbox agendas.

I'd be a fool to believe otherwise.



had no interest into putting Finland nor Sweden on the map as a possible military target - and they have been very clear about that. But once you choose to become a member of NATO... well you lie down like you make your bed. It literally puts Sweden and Finland on the map of becoming a military target. That stupid it is, to join NATO.

High Treason by Swedish Politicians

Our politicians, who decides this pact, literally putting Sweden into dangers of war . They have not asked the people of Sweden, and avoided that it comes to that. It literally means the Politicians who push for NATO, are committing High Treason against the Kingdom of Sweden. They are literally traitors. In an age of maximum arrogance, going beyond all common sense and reason. They should walk on the road of Shame.

Strange world we live in.

"The real goal of totalitarian ideology is not the transformation of the external conditions of human existence and not the revolutionary reorganisation of the social order, but the transformation of human nature itself, which, as it is, constantly opposes the totalitarian process.

What is at stake in total domination is really the essence of man."

- Hannah Arendt, 1951

- 73 -