more than 50 colorfilms I found in an album. Again; I seem to have overlooked it, and then forgotten. It is really surprizing that this went so completely under my radar... I wonder why, and have no answer to that. Just guesses; perhaps color films were not really on my radar to scan, due to quality issues I knew I would encounter. Especially the smaller negatives... did feel being worth it. So, it all just faded away.


2017 also was a busy year

The travels back and forth to Sicily, then Sal and I got married in Aug 2017. Lots of energy. Lots of inspiration. Lots of everything and "so little time". Well, you know how some periods in life can be.



The Fiasco with cold developing color films

There there also was that fiasco with developing 25-30 colors negative films in cold C-41 chemicals - which lead to vastly underdeveloped negatives, despite the time compensation I added (the colder the chemistry, the longer you need to develop). What in theory seem to be all possible; e.g. to develop color films at 24°C - by compensting with much longer developing times... well, that just seemed to be theory, after all. They all turned out too thin.

I still have to figure out, if the color balance got screwed or not ? I don't know, because I have not yet scanned any of those botched color film negatives.

But I do remember that it took quite a lot of energy out of me afterwards the screwup. It felt so dissapointing, you know - which came totally uncalled for - me screwing up that bad !! I mean, why did I develop ALL 25-30 films that way - without checking just a few ones first ? (I remember that the wet color negatives did look pretty ok to my eyes - while hanging wet in the bathroom. But color negatives do that - and I should have known that. Once they dry, they become orange transparent and thinner.

Mistakes. Oh yes.

So, I made a lot of stupid mistakes - which wasn't like me. Not in photography at least - because I knew my shit very well.

Apparently, I didn't. *LOL*

- 74 -