It is ironic, is it not ?

In today's chaos and fear mongering regarding our climate - which aims to control humanity down to the smallest (Read World Economical Forum's manifesto; it is extremly detailed for every aspect of human life they want to control. So, the shit isn't my shit - but the shit is coming from sick people who claim to be some sort of world economical leadership)

"Climate Change" and "Global Warming" are just one of those major buzzwords which have been imprinted almost everyone since the Stockholm Climate conference, originally held in 1972 with the speech of Maurice Strong , where those ideas were shipped to the public for the first time. Maurice was shady, major Globalist figure to ship out the plans of controlling humanity with help of designed narratives.

Before that, we always heard via scientists that if anything major ever happens with our climate, it would certainly be a future ice age. (I remember that as a child) The latter is indeed a far more likely development in store for humanity, compared to a true Global Warming of the damaging kind, which already starts to crumble. The media however, nowadays the direct slave of the Globalist Elite, will ONLY report what lies within the script that they got to accept.

Anything else - is and will be aborted and ignored. Lying (sponsored) studies and articles are shipped en masse, empathizing the narrative. Anything else does is not permitted, does not exist. Like a matrix. And that is what most of the newspapers and TV stations get paid for today. Critics are dismissed and have to search for a different job. Signed by Bill Gates who gives out hundred of Millions to the leading newspaper around the world.

They call it "education".


When the monkey jumps out of the window...

Did the thought ever occur to you, that this might have "a" downside ? Or do you always believe what you are told ? Then I am sure, that when they tell you that monkey jumps out of the window, you jump after. And that is what humanity does at large, by playing the fool, following the monkey. We are literally making sure that the plans of the Globalist Elite comes to fruitation. As we did with wars, because it ain't them who do the dirty work. It's the people. Our emotions assured to support whatever they tell us to think, feel and do.

So, that is what we do. Even Neo-Nazi's these days are white washed, declared both as heroes and victims. I mean just thik about it for a moment - how wicked that truly is. ... WW2 was just a foreplay, for the real plans - and the Nazi's never lost.

They got shipped to positions around the world, which is today the military industrial complex together with Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Food.

Do your homework, investigate the roots of people in position. You would be surprised - just as an example - how many of those today - admired as leaders, heroes and wealth bringing saints in position have direct Nazi roots as well roots into the world of Eugenics.


Investigative Bill Gates. And WHO. And Tedros

And as it so happens in May 2022, the WHO is drafting a Pandemic Global Treaty, which if accepted means, the head of WHO, Mr Tedros (A terrorist from Ethiopia, responsible for the murder of 400+ people , while he was in a terror group, listed in the US as terror organization). Same man leads the WHO. And the Plandemic Scam of 2020-2022.

He will be able all on his own, alone, to call out for a pandemic in the future - if the treaty is signed - which in that moment takes over the health sovereignty of all member nations. Tedros does not even have to obey what others say within the WHO.

In reality, eugenics Bill Gates and his fanatics, him acting as a front puppet, who was a computer geek (neither a climate expert nor a health expert what so ever. is calling the shots) controlling the private organization, WHO, or World Health Organization, via Tedros - which is suddenly becoming a Global entity ruling over any sovereign health laws (stripping human rights). We have seen the fore play during the 2020-2022 plandemic already.


A Coup d'état, Anno 2022

Now let me guess.

1) You didn't know anything about it.
2) you think it is all bs and nothing of it is true.

Isn't that the most common thinking among the masses ? It's all "faaaake". Business as usual. Don't care. Very few people do any homework. Ultimately that is what makes a Coup d'état into a Coup d'état. Ain't the first time, honey.

Only now with the difference that the shit goes global, erasing the constitutions of sourveign countries. If that ain't a Coup d'état, then I don't know what to call it. Because it enables Bill Gates via Tedros, without having to consult anyone, to call out for a Pandemic - and lock down the whole world, to follow the "constitution" of the World Health Organization.

In my view - the World Health Organization is a Terror Organization, Deeply involved for Crimes against Humanity, who brought the Plandemic and experimentation genetic injections to the global people of this Earth.


Klaus Schwab

And as it just so happens, Klaus Schwab's World Economical Forum just made a Deal/Treaty with the World Health Organization. How quaint. Just at the right time. Klaus Schwab, The guy, who wants to erase the Soul in Humans (Article in German; "Die Abschaffung der Seele") connecting all brains [see video) and who also stated too many times; by 2030, you own nothing, and be happy. But how can you know, if you haven't read Klaus Schwab's books. So, it must be conspiracy bs, right ?

Psychopath cocksucker bitch, I say.

He should be in trial for Crimes against Humanity, and charged for High Treason - jail for life. Not to mention with his Nazi roots on top of everything else evil that is developed and implemented. And yet, even he is just a puppet behind those who steer the wagon...


German Article: "The abolition of the soul"


"Don't be afraid of the World Economic Forum!"

Interestingly, the totalitarian dangers of the new bio- and neuro-technologies are named in no uncertain terms in Davos itself.

Best-selling historian and Israeli World Economical Forum advisor Yuval Harari was not afraid to say in front of an assembled WEF, World Economical Forum audience that the power and danger these sciences confer today far eclipse even those of the Gestapo and the KGB.

This power, however, is not bad per se, according to Harari. But it could fall into the wrong hands: "... if this power falls into the hands of a 21st century Stalin, the result will be the worst totalitarian regime in human history."

Fortunately, there is a geographical distribution of good and evil - evil springs, as it so often does, to the east of us, in Asia: "Imagine North Korea in twenty years' time, when everyone has to wear a biometric bracelet that monitors blood pressure, heart rate and brain activity twenty-four hours a day. You hear a speech by the great leader on the radio and you know what you actually feel. You can clap your hands and smile, but if you are angry, they know you will be in the gulag tomorrow."

In contrast, in a small Swiss village in the middle of Europe, well-meaning people become victims: "And if we allow such total surveillance regimes to emerge, don't think the rich and powerful will be safe in places like Davos, just ask Jeff Bezos."

The World Economic Forum as victim, a small Asian state as perpetrator - that is why, Harari concludes, the sole disposition of the new techniques must rest with one globally competent institution - the World Economic Forum. For that wants exclusively to make us healthier and happier. But even if that were true, wouldn't the result be totalitarian?"

Mind boggling.

I say it again: Psychopath cocksucker bitches !

- 79 -