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Australian Senator

The Australian senator Malcolm L. Roberts without a fig in front of his mouth, how things really look like - and that a broad spectrum of our leadership, from government to authorities are committing severe Crimes against Humanity.

You cannot get it any more straight than this !


Lawyer Dr Reiner Füllmich

comes with additional very interesting information. For example: Did you know that the former East German (DDR) Stasi, DRR's secret service, was trained by the American CIA ?

Did you know that the World Health Organization WHO (which is a private organization) is a UN cover for global Government and control ? They are about to take over the sovereignty of all member states, which means each country isn't any longer deciding about health laws. WWF is another organization working for the destruction of our nature, not preserving it !

Also Maurice Strong is mentioned several time. Remember I said that back in 1972 in Stockholm, Marice Strong initiated the first public step towards "climate Change", implementing the narrative as a global control tool and destruction of the world as we know it. Masters of co-opting the language...

Vanuatu's sovereignty has been taken over by the WHO World Health Organization, taking over the governmental laws under the umbrella of "health".

 - Sen. Malcolm L. Roberts

 - Dr. Naomi Wolf

Reveals many studies, about Pfizer genetic injections that Pfizer was very well aware that the substance injected do NOT stay at the injection site, but spread to heart, liver, spleen and ovaries (among other organs), as well leading to lethal heart conditions (and aggressive cancers)

Also, included are substances which individually are forbidden to be used on human being. The substances cross the blood-barrier going into the brain, creating cancer, tumors and neurological damages. These studies are performed by highly respected scientist. Pfizer and Moderna knew all this !

The injections induce AIDS, (VAIDS, vaccine induced AIDS) due to the destruction of white blood cells.

A high percentage of miscarriages in pregnant women, transfer of spike proteins (via exsosomes) via mother milk to their babies created very serious issues in the babies. Coordinated genocide through the genetic injections upon humanity.

Pfizer "owns" German BioNTech (mRNA Pfizer "vaccine"), but in reality is 100% owned by China. China holds all patents and solutions for whatever goes wrong with the Pfizer injections.

The Pfizer Vaccines were already manufactured in Jan 2020 !

 - Freddie Ponton

• Speaks about Epstein, trafficking, trade with people & prostitution. • The Nazi Germany & Ukraine connection (Bandera) vs Germany & Ukraine connection today. • Biolabs in Ukraine created by the USA, and why Germany is involved in that.

Also the German connection to WHO, World Health Organization - and the overtaking of all countries sovereignty in everything health related - where the individual states no more will have anything to say. Well, who is the biggest contributor to the WHO ? It isn't just Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The No One contributer to finance the WHO is.... Germany. Now we know why Germany is one of the worst countries in keeping restrictions revolving the Corona Plandemi, while many others countries have left it all behind.

A couple weeks ago, I happened to save a graph about that subject.

  - Dr. Mark Trozzi

 - Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab

Extra videoclips

 - Sen. Malcolm L. Roberts
 - Bill Gates
 - Peter Glidden
  - Lisa Fitz


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