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Dr David Martin explains what is going on regarding Indictment, raising Criminal Charges in Canada, against one of the people who has been one of the brainchild behind the creation of what has been known as the "Corona Pandemic" - and in it's path of this bio terror - millions of deaths.

It is about Terrorism, Crimes against Humanity and Murder - for the world to know, that what once happened in the streets of Germany, happened in front of your eyes globally in 2020-2022 (ongoing) - without most people on the planet wanted to hear about the warning signals, not wanting acknowledge that something serious was off, and rather by the billions run into genetic injections around the world.

These crimes also being committed - often deliberately - with help of toxic, lethal drugs (such as Remdesivir), false treatments (false use of ventilators,) and refusal of giving out highly effective drugs (Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Vitamin-D, Zinc, etc) - and above all - the experimental, lethal genetic injections under the codename "vaccines" forced on a majority of people... it all lead to many millions of deaths. And many million of these deaths as a consequence, not because of the virus, but because of the "treatments" and deliberate murder due to totally wrong protocols. Which the WHO heavily promoted, and so did Dr Fauci. However this video addresses the Canadian side of the Pandemic Fraud

Which alone due to Remdesivir lead to 500.000 Americans died of those toxic treatments. Like he did with AIDS, through the extreme toxic, lethal AZT, killing a couple millions during the false AIDS hysteria in the end of the 80s. It was the SAME Dr Fauci aka Dr Mengele 2, who advocated AZT as he did now (and still does) with only using Remdesivir on people, including infants.

They often die because of that. While officially they died of "Corona".

False Gods we pray to, calling them out as being our heroes. They are murderers, the worst kind represented in human form. And now we are doing it again and again, like with Syria and White Helmets, now with whitewashing Nazi becoming "heroes" of Ukraine fighting for the greater good, but in reality the kind who slaughter and kill their own people as well others, for pleasure and to gain control for their masters.

False Gods.

11 min video.
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75-95 million people got their health destroyed for life.

It is estimated that between 5-20 million healthy people globally DIED from the experimental "Covid-19 Vaccines", additionally, causing a total of 180 million adverse health effects, from which 70 million people got their lives destroyed for life, due to severe damages. (You cannot reverse large scale genetic manipulations). Also chemotherapy toxins do not work on cancers (or barely) after the Covid-19 injections (see Dr Ryan Cole) because of the changed, altered or disabled pathways in the immune system [due to degradation for every additional injection] The immune system is an utmost vital component in cancer treatments after you got chemotherapy)

But those barely work any longer.


It took only 2 years

5-20 million people + 70 million = 75-95 million people's lives destroyed in 2 years. (Talk about "effective treatment" (deep irony). Usually, when a vaccine misfires, after 25-50 deaths, the treatment is broken off. Now we are up at 20 million deaths from injections - and continue like "business as usual".


I was not joking. Since May 2020 !

And you thought I was joking when I said, these are Severe Crimes Against Humanity, in the same league or worse than Second World War.

And yes, you people are denial, and should be ashamed. Utterly deeply. Just looking into the other direction, pretending as if nothing ever happened.

Or like false climate prophet Greta once said - "How dare you !"

Yeah, well... You people dared, by the millions, looking away. "It didn't hurt me", "I had no issues with the vaccines". Only ignorant people talk like that. There are fast deaths and there are slow deaths, with changes going gradually, very slowly in the background - especially when you alter the physical code of Life; your DNA incorporating artificial mRNA migrating into your human DNA after the Covid-19 injections.

What could be possibly go wrong.

I guess you don't read any medical studies and evidence of how much those Covid-19 "vaccines" have wrecked havoc onto people's bodies. You probably just look into evening news, authorities and governmental announcements and old fashion newspapers. In the mean time we killed off more people in shorter time than the Second World War did.

What kind of achievement is that ? And what kind of behavior is it, to shut down eyes, ears and mouth ? Why are we not calling in question of that, we are getting spoon (over) feed daily for over 2 years ?


Lives are in danger due to false treatments, drugs and info...

If lives are at risk - why are we killing the messengers ? I thought we learned from World War 2 ? That was of course not true. Because if we would have learned from World War 2 - the Corona Plandemic would never ever been able to unfold.

We would have understood early, the attempt of Crimes against Humanity - and made sure, that the powers via our "leaders", are nothing but a Consortium of Criminals, who value fame, money and power more than the citizen they said to lead and guide.

Our latest Governments are criminals - They have and still are committing Crimes against Humanity of the worst kind, High treason as well embezzlement of the peoples money, rights and freedoms - while allowing citizens to be killed purposely and quietly under pretense that a virus is killing them.


A lab made virus !

A purposely virus made in labs, unleashed onto humanity. And artificial mRNA Vaccines" already made in January 2020 - before we even picked up the virus seriously, and way before we even heard that there is a "vaccine". Covid-19 test kits and equipment was world wide shipped in quantities in many, many hundred millions around the world during year 2017 and 2018 according to the earlier unaltered listing at the World Bank register over World Trade. And the Rothschild family patented Covid-19 measuring equipment already in 13 Oct 2015 in the US and Netherlands. With the addition that information must not be published until September 2020.


The mortality rate of Covid-19

is globally a mere 0.03%, not even close to how many people get killed by the annual flu.

And yet, SARS-CoV-2 virus - made in a lab - was the ticket for the Powers to Be, to create the biggest deliberate mass death in modern history (in only 2 years), together with the biggest transfer of wealth from poor & middle class to Ultra Rich, the world ever has seen in human history.

While you shame those who tried to tell you something very evil is unfolding since 2020.... You preferred killed the messengers, shamed them, and at times even demanded them to be put into prison, isolated and preferable put into camps (!) - and then you simply walked away as if nothing ever happened.

Ain't history interesting. That modern humans, have the ability not only to love and create the most wonderful things - at th same time, we are capable to support the Worst Crimes in the World, just because we are too lazy to do some homework, and learn about ignorance, and the art of deception via media, governments and political sweet talk... We support Crime, Murders and Theft... at the same time, thinking we are doing it for society, for a better cause, and for our fucking ego.


We didn't love. We hated. We allowed murder. 2020-2022.

And still - the majority still doesn't see nor want to understand, or gauge in any information about what really is going on. Nothing what so ever. How can that be ?

How can we understand our part of the evil allowed to be unleashed ? It is one thing to unleash it. Another thing to allow it to persist. Only a sleeping majority or bound into the belief of fear, is capable of letting this happen - like in the past 2 years, we allowed to persist.

How is it - that we do not see, listen nor speak ? We supported the evil, demanded even more stringent laws and measurements and dehumanized those who were not willing to set their bodies and health in jeopardy with Covid-19 genetic injections. Not everyone is OK with getting their DNA tampered with (an experiment from which there is no way coming back from once the DNA integrated artificial mRNA) The repercussions are just about to increase rapidly world wide.

But hey - we tried to kill the messengers who tried to warn us. We didn't put the perpetrators against the wall. No, we encouraged them to go even further, and harder against the "traitors" who didn't want to get injected. While billions and billions in wealth have been taken from the people to the filthy rich. In the name of safety and security - we sold ourselves like bitches from hell.

Even the most distinguished doctors, professors, virologists, microbiologists around the world, even judges at courts - have been frozen out, ransacked by police (Germany), computers and mobiles confiscated etc. Anyone who tried to reveal the truth - was attempted to get crippled and gagged.

Some even got killed.

We the people, by supporting the criminal media made sure that all the people in any kind of position - disappeared unanimously from public display. Germany and Italy, Canada etc among the worst countries in the world. In the so called Democratic Free West, which not even remotely close to democracy or it's like what so ever.

I don't hate people. (I really don't).


Skipped (very limited) animal trials in Covid-19 injections

But I feel sometimes incredible saddened, at times even deeply angry. That we allowed all the shit to unfold right in front of our eyes - and then kept the shit hot for over 2 years, prolonging the suffering of billions during lock downs (by supporting the erasure of freedom, speech, income etc all "in the name of the virus" and "safety & security" - and then on top hated all those, who tried to warn us - that those injection are different than anything ever unleashed onto humanity. (it actually was forbidden, and any corona virus vaccine never saw the light of day, because of the animal trials, in which most of them died).

Genetic injections were forbidden technology to be used on humans. Until the EU changed the laws quietly on 20 July 2020. Germany even did back in 2009, by changing the definition of vaccines, also including that gene therapy based vaccines can be called "vaccines". Quietly of course.

To listen, read and hear about people who suddenly die all of the sudden, not even particularly old; a relative, a child, a beloved one... Just like that. Without those who stand around left, unable to connect the dots to the experimental genetic injections, altering DNA and humans cells starting to mas produce a vital toxin; the spike proteins, which as they attach to other cells - the immune system then marks and destroys your own tissues. An injection of Covid-19 "vaccines", contain between 26 and 50 Billion mRNA snippets, ordering your cells to reprogram, and develop artificial (non-natural) spike proteins, no virus ever would produce in nature. But now it is produced by your own cells - and no "off" switch comes with it. So, people who booster themselves with a third or fourth, possibly even fifth shot... are in for a cruel awakening. If they ever awake.

It all feels extremely challenging emotionally.


I truly believed

many more people would listen back in 2020 and onwards - but I was wrong about that. Very wrong. I didn't see that coming. At all. I really had hoped for better eyes and ears. Instead it all developed into an extreme opposite direction. People split, fell apart, attacked, stopped communication, and tolerated absolutely nothing; nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to speak. All while authorities and politicians continue to advertise the injections as being life savers.

Each one of persons in higher positions, health departments, health offices and governmental places, organizations, etc - are part of very serious crimes. A crime for murder and genocide - promoting these injections for 1.5 years and still doing it !

- 83 -